Saturday, August 31, 2013


My post is all upside down and inside out this morning, lol.  The post below was done first and I was so frustrated with the whole picture thing, I just posted it and walked away.  I have been trying to get an accurate shot of this card since yesterday.  As I was drinking my coffee and watching the sun come up, I decided to try taking the picture under my Ott Light, my primary problem is always light, our house is a dungeon, lol.  Anyway it did turn out better and more true to life.  Hugs

One of the hardest things for me is to get the pic right for posting, I have tried so many different shots and a couple of cameras and the scanner and this card no matter what keeps going to the blues, so colors are not really true, the pinks and yellows are more vibrant, actually everything is, there is always one, lol.  Every year I do at least one Halloween card where the witch has her spells turned on her.  
Images created using Cameo and PS6, colors are Copic markers and some airbrush, with a little Tim Holtz distress inks.  Have a great weekend, hugs

Friday, August 30, 2013

Three Fab Finds

I am sharing 3 new products to my studio and thought some of you might be interested.  First off are the Amplify Series of Scissors by Fiskars, I cut a lot of heavy duty materials, plastics, tin cans, canvas, chipboard, and these make mincemeat out of clam shell packaging (YEAH).  Some of these materials can be a real challenge and up until now my hands are achy for days sometimes after making the cuts.  These come in two lines a series for fabric and a series for mixted media, which is the one I purchased.  They are comfortable to use and cut as if slicing through butter.  They come in 6", 8" and 10", a little pricey but are carried by JoAnns and if you use a coupon it brings the price range in to reasonable.  I started off with the smaller of the sizes but may invest in one more pair at some point. These are in the sewing center and are all in together so if you are looking for the mixed media series be sure to read the packaging carefully. 2nd. Inka Gold Metallic Rub, love love love this, you just rub a small amount on your paper with a soft cloth and then buff it out, once it is buffed out it is not even necessary to spray with a fixative, I have experienced no lift off and it has a beautiful luster, great for edging the sides of your cards for holidays or other special occasions, but tons of other uses also. I found this product at Michaels in the area where the Tim Holtz inks and paints are, it comes in about 6 colors. 3rd. Adhesives have truly come a long way, they are the invisible power behind what I do and want them to work the way they say they will work (which sometimes is not always the case), I have been making some add-on jewelry/decorations for my TableTop Chalkboards, they are seasonal and/or event specific and can be changed out with the seasons, etc. I have been looking for a really good re-usable one, I saw these Scotch Tabs again at Michaels and decided to give them a try, they come 72 tabs to a package and they are FAB, they have a great hold and yet come off clean when you want them off, these will definitely be a staple on my table. So that is my share for today, hope you flow into the weekend nicely and have some fun stuff planned.  Hugs

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Crow Flies

I wanted a background with a parallel universe feel to it, zipping by as the Halloween enters.  I took one of my gelli pulls and printed it out and then used my Copics with the airbrush to add the diamonds in and whooosh it is Halloween.  Did a little play with some word art.  Elements created using my Cameo, PS6 and colors are Copic.  It is actually closer to reality than you might think, as this is how it feels in my world right now, we are almost to the end of this week.  I need to slow the pace down a bit, I am getting dizzy, lol.  Happy Thursday, hugs

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poinsettia and Harlequins

I think I got a little crossover with my Halloween and Christmas, lol.  I really liked the strength of the Harlequins with the Poinsettias though.  The Harlequin is a gelli pull and the poinsettia was created with Cameo and ps6, all colors Copic markers.  Hope everyone is having a nice week,hugs

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Merry Christmas

Camels make me laugh and the Geico commercial just makes me howl, can't you hear him say, "Mike-Mike-Mike, do these antlers make my head look big"?  When I lived in San Diego I had a year pass to their zoo and the camels were one of my favorite spots to stop and just watch along with a Sun Bear that used to pat his belly and wave at everyone, little stinker was of course begging for food.
This was done with my Cameo and PS6, first set up my line drawing in a box with a black border and printed it out, then set the camel up as an element with a partial body cut and popped that out on top of the drawing.  Coloring done with Copic markers.  Hugs

Monday, August 26, 2013

Three Wise Men

Happy Monday everyone.  I have a Christmas card today.  The elements have been sitting on my table for a while waiting for me to do a gelli pull for the background.  Fate interceded a little though, yesterday morning as I was greeting the sun rise, our sky was awash with color and some clouds, it was a magic sunrise and ran in and got my camera.  As I was fussing with some other things my mind kept going to the photo, so I printed it out.  I do take quite a few sky shots and my photos never turn out as I see it in real life, the light does its own thing and so does the camera picking it up.  As I looked at the photo, I kept seeing buttes and so I started sketching and coloring in with my copic markers, all of a sudden I had my background for the trees and star.  One of my favorite Christmas stories is the "Birth of Christ", it has always played a part in my Christmas since I was a child and these three trees solitary in the desert reminded me of the story.
Elements were created using the Silhouette Cameo and PS6, colors are Copic markers.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

witch doctor

Will Dr. Sinister discover that the bats are acting as minions for the Vampire Nation as they pull all their resources together to collect DNA from the witches?  Hair follicles are what they are after, they are looking to inject a mutant into the witch DNA to reduce their powers, apparently they have been a little aggressive lately.  LOL, it is amazing what goes on in the brain as creating takes place.
Background is a gelli pull, the word block is one of my larger blackboards used for a journaling/sentiment block.  All elements were created using the Silhouette Cameo and PS6.  Colors are from Copic Markers and Pan Pastels.  Hope everyone is having a bewitching weekend. Hugs

Friday, August 23, 2013

Finessing a cut with the Cameo

Oh let's pop into the weekend with a Halloween card, lol.  Parts of this card gave me a real challenge and so thought I would share it with you.  If you are a master with your cameo, this is not going to be a big revelation but if you are an intermediate and just getting started with print n cuts this might help. As hard as it is for me to believe, I have been with the Cameo for a year, it was a big scary decision for me to switch from the Cricut to the Cameo but the end results pushed me into the decision and I just wish I had done it sooner.  I have pretty much navigated the waters on my own but would not be where I am had it not been for the "Silhouette Plus" forum, those ladies and gentlemen are amazingly talented and sharing is the backbone of this forum.
On to my challenge. I have been doing a lot of play with my miniature chalk boards as sentiment/journaling blocks.  I love the look of the chalk and the contrast from the blackboards.  One of the biggest sensitivities for the Cameo when bringing in your own work to set up for the cut is color contrast in your image.  When I first started doing cut and prints, per the advice of different tutorials on Utube, the fist thing I did when selecting my image for the trace was to turn off the high pass setting and go immediately to the threshold for my adjustment, most of the time this worked, but my cuts were not as crisp and clean as I knew they could be, so in the beginning I settled and just did a fussy cut trim if needed.  As I got braver and more accustomed to the Cameo and started reading some of the Silhouette Plus forum posts, I realized that the high pass setting could be a tremendous attribute, its primary concern is the outline area of your image.  By adjusting this setting first then shutting it off and then going to the threshold I found that my cut lines around the image were tighter and gave a cleaner cut.  Now my challenge with this block was (if you will look closely at the white line around the "boo", it is very close to the edge of the chalkboard, when the I did my selection for the cut lines it wanted to cut into the white line at the bottom right because of the white on the black.  Nothing I did would adjust this and going into the points was not working either.  So what I did on this block was create an outer offset and then filled it with a black and white pattern, grouped them and then set my cut lines, it worked perfectly. I usually don't have to work this hard to get a cut but the end result on this was a sweet victory and another trick for the bag.
The background on this is a gelli pull, the skeleton head is from my photo shot at a display store earlier this summer it was color enhanced with Copic markers.  All other elements were created using my Cameo and PS6 and coloring also done with Copic, "Bistro markers" and chalk.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend. Hugs

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


A sassy tea cup today with a tea bag that says, "thanks".  Inside it says, "for the kick to my chai".  Background is one of my studio cloths.  Elements created with Cameo and PS6 and colors are Copic markers.  Hope everyone is having a great week, hugs

Monday, August 19, 2013


I needed a crow for my Halloween stash, then I had to play with it.  Background is a gelli pull on a baby wipe, lol.  All of my elements are created using my Cameo and PS6, Unless otherwise noted coloring is done with Copic markers.  Have a great week.  Hugs

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Great Power

 I am always amazed with color and light, it is just magic.  I play with it a lot and read about it constantly.  I did this hand for a digi page, I have been totally consumed in my studio and my art journaling has taken a far back seat.  We are visiting Ancient Greece this month at the AJC and Apollo is one of my favorite gods. I wanted to do a page with him casting the sun from the ocean up to the sky, digi page is below.  As I was doing the page I thought that it would also do a great Halloween card and after posting my digi page started playing.  I used The Crafter's Worshop "Trees" stencil colored with Dylusion Inks and Pan Pastels.  Darkened up the hand with copics and pan pastels and added a word block for the card, as much as I love Halloween, I am back on track this weekend with the essentials that have to be done.
This is the digi page done with the hand, the background is a gelli pull and swirls at the base of the hand are a symbol for Apollo's chariot, although it is the same hand it looks so much different in this.  Have a safe and fun weekend, hugs

Friday, August 16, 2013

Poison Mushrooms

Happy Friday, I am going to have to stop playing with Halloween stuff, my schedule is going to completely fall off the grid and then I will be scrambling, I hate to scramble.  All elements created with Silhouette Cameo, PhotoShop and all coloring Copic Markers, EkSuccess Photo Corners. Harlequin background is a gelli pull.  I love Halloween, have a great weekend, stay cool and play lots, hugs

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Candy corn and bat for Halloween cheer.  Candy corn used to be my favorite Halloween treat.  All elements created with Silhouette Cameo and all coloring done with Copic markers, EKSuccess photo corners, we are zipping into another weekend, so take it slow. Hugs

Friday, August 9, 2013

The large and small of it

 I like to play with the sizes of a new image, usually I like one or the other better, this time though, I like them both, maybe even a medium one or two, lol.  This one I kept thinking of French pastries, drove me crazy for a couple of hours, almost made cupcakes.  Background is a gelli pull and all colors were done with Copic Markers and Pan Pastels.
This is the small of it, on my very favorite ever gelli pull, I played on the rainbow colors of the gelli pull and decided three birthday wishes were just about perfect.  All colors are again Copic Markers and Pan Pastels.  Hope you have a smooth Friday into the weekend, hugs

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Happy Birthday

Morning everyone, already week 1/2 over and fine with me, I feel like I have been dodging land mines all week, just little life things, all printer ink carts ran out at the same time.  TV Dish Transmitter went out and was down for 48hrs., not so bad in my book but dh was pacing, yep pacing and just in my hair for two days, it is fixed, whew! So today may be rolling along pretty nicely, we are overcast which brings the temps to a manageable level.
Madison over at Funky Cards has her August call up asking for Birthday Cards for a woman's shelter, it always helps to ground me to share and think of someone else when I become a little too fixated on what is going on in my life.
So these are what I am putting together today, the background is a gelli pull, the photo corners (oh my goodness I forgot how much I love these) are by Cuttlebug, misc ribbon and the little bird in a nest on a limb, a few of my line drawings pulled together on a sentiment block, a fat lil blue bird with birthday wishes, fun fun fun, hope everyone has a great day, hugs

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Visitor

Today a fun spider mum on a gelli pull harlequin background.   Some leaves, a butterfly and EKSuccess photo corners.  A little bit more polka dots in the sentiment block, this could do for a birthday or Thanksgiving.  Hugs

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sentiment Blocks

 I have been busy making sentiment blocks from my mini-chalkboard.  The beauty of this is that once it is done and scanned in, I just erase it and start over again, lol.  The top card everything but "believe" was done with the Marvy "Bistro" markers, believe was written in chalk, I love the difference in their appearances.  The background is a gelli pull embellished with just a piece of gauzy polka dot ribbon.
I have a droll/dry sense of humor, the front of this card says, "love...can only be defined with an open heart and a willingness to see past the road blocks", inside it says, "if these abilities are lost then all you have is a car wreck".  The block on this is just the opposite of the top card the rose and leaf were drawn with chalk and the written word love, dots and blue boarder were done with the Marvy markers. I have not used Lori Whitlock's bow in a while so it embellishes the card.  The background is a gelli pull and both card backs were embossed the top with "Swiss Dots" and the bottom "Broken Dots", Happy Monday, Hugs

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Butterfly Wreath

This card was inspired by an ancient memory of mine.  I was on the California Pacific Coast somewhere near Monterrey or Carmel and we were eating lunch on an ocean view terrace and the table next to us was excitedly talking about the butterfly trees they had just experienced.  I inquired and found out it was only about 30mins away and talked my friend into going.  We parked our car and walked in about 10 or 15mins to a bluff over looking the ocean and at first nothing spectacular to see, then standing with a group of people so silent you could hear a pin drop, the lady next to me pointed and as I focused in a clump of trees seemed to be alive and covering it were a million monarch butterflies, fluttering and one piled on the other.  I am not sure how long we stood and just stared at this remarkable site but I was lost in the beauty of it all.  I then was told that the tree was a landing spot after their trek across the pacific from Hawaii non-stop to this spot to breed and then to die.  It was one of those moments that I felt totally at one with my creator.
I created the one piece wreath of butterflies with my Cameo, then made a cutting file with the butterflies just a wee bit smaller and layered 4 onto the one piece, adhering them just at the body so their wings would be unattached.  I then secured the wreath to a Memory Box "branch" cut and added a single butterfly to the upper right corner.  Other than the butterfly color, this brings back the memory perfectly.  Happy Sunday, hugs

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gift Bag Hang Outs for Halloween and Christmas

I have been working the "Gift Bag Hang Outs" this week.  I used the fine point "marvy bistro markers" they are great, work on smaller areas and love the florescent colors.
 Here is one with a little Christmas snow scene for Christmas
and one with some stacked pressies, the back of the chalkboard is chipboard so to/from can go on the back.  It stays securely on the bag with the mini clothes pin.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, hugs

Thursday, August 1, 2013

One thing leads to another

Remember my "Hang Outs" from May?  A couple of things happened over the last couple weeks as I have been designing projects for the boutique and resourcing products, I dove into the blackboard paint, as I have been working with it, I put on my list of things to try - 10mm vinyl and if it did work on that what would I do with it?  Then last week I was at Hobby Lobby went there to pick up the "Marvy Bistro Markers", they are in the wood department and there were some small clip clothes pins, couldn't resist so picked them up.  Now, I love the Marvy Bistro markers for the blackboards but I got an email from Jet Pens, went to look and they have the new Marvey "fine tip" Bistro markers in florescent colors, so I ordered them, oh oh oh,  Herein lies the title to my post this morning.  Wouldn't a smaller clothes pin "Hang Out" just for Gift Bags be adorable?  So off I went on one my of missions and here it is.  These are just too stinkin cute, and when the gift is given this can be all part of the gift too. These are made just like my larger ones except the base is a mini blackboard on 10mm vinyl.  The baby bird was created last week in my drawing frenzy, so I used him/her on the "Hang Out".
Here is a close up of the small clothes pin that just clips over the top of the gift bag.  So now I am designing Christmas ones, once I got through all the logistics of the Blackboard paint, I am so loving it! Have a great day, hugs

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