Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trash Retrieval

Have you ever found yourself pulling something from the trash you threw away?  These threads have been sitting on my table for months, I move them from one little pile to another.  Yesterday I got tired of looking at them and moving them out of my way, so I tossed them in my trash can.  This morning as I was playing with this idea for a bookmark, I was on my way to my ribbon stash when I remembered the cast off strings and turned around and dug them out.  There is a certain amount of satisfaction in using something I thought not worthy to keep.  Chipboard and my Cinch for the holes, a piece of scrap background and one of my little birds morphed into a bookmark.  The end of the strings are tied together on two washers.  I love bookmarks almost as much as I love my books.  Happy Thursday, hugs

Monday, January 27, 2014

Bah, bah, bah

Wow, I have three weeks to catch up on, but won't try to do that in one post, lol.  Just a short synopsis, I came down with a bug the first week in Jan, it had me rockin and rollin.  Then dh flew to Texas for a week, the first day he was gone I got a call advising me that my good friend and neighbor had been run over by a great dane and a mastiff at the dog park and she needed me at urgent care, bottom line is that her humerus was shattered and she has to have reconstructive surgery this coming Friday. She lives alone, so many trips down the street to check on and help.  Although my brain tells me it is Jan and the middle of winter, all of my senses are telling me, we are in spring, temps in the 70s, blue skies, it is just plain weird.  But a lot of early spring cleaning has been going on here.  So that is about it in a nut shell.  My studio time has been sorely neglected and I am anxious to get back to it full stream.
This is a thinking of you card for a friend, I love baby lambs, all wobbly and soft with big doe eyes.  Some scrap background and a tag found among papers.  Happy Monday everyone, hugs

Monday, January 6, 2014


In my sorting and putting things away, I found a box filled with solid bazzills, they are scraps, no full sheets, so I decided that for my personal cards I would not cut any more solid colors until I have used each piece in the box that I could.  So here is one of my scrap cards.  I also have been using some of my stashed away rub-ons, some have never been used and some partially, I have been using them on my cards and my journal pages.  One of my Christmas pressies was a new Brother P Touch and I have been sorting and labeling like crazy, lol, must be the New Year.
This card was done with Bazzill background, then using my EKSuccess punch, punched out assorted sizes of circles, I used a gelli pull background, the swirls and "friends" are rub-ons, I mounted it to the background and then arranged the little circles and added 2 of my butterflies.  So my year of letting go of the unnecessary and unessentials has begun and it feels right.  Hope all of you especially those in the cold cold areas find ways to stay safe and warm as we move into 2014, hugs

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Setting Sails for 2014 with the Art Journal Caravan- A Digi Page

My first digi page for 2014, over at Scrapbook Graphics, The Art Journal Caravan has set sail into the deep waters of Nature, oh boy, I am going to love this year the best.  One of first chores on our journey is to select our word for the year, last year it was infuse.  This year it is "Decant", using the word in its loosest form, "to pour off", I am pouring off the unnecessary, unessential, negative, to embrace and make stronger all that I learned last year and will learn this year, in hopes they become bigger, stronger and brighter for 2014.
I used Tangie's AJC2014 and AJC2014Jan kits, Dawn Inskip "All Year Long" kit, the flower on the journal is from the Silhouette Library, the altered journal, tag and decanter are mine.
Be Fearless in your travels this week and enjoy! Hugs