Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My work space - Whew - A Happy Dance

This is going to be a long post, I have 9 pics to share. I am done with my work area, I am 70% done with the entire project, the rest of my work entails sorting through many piles and putting stuff in its place. The heavy moving, rearranging is done though and I did not pull out my back, everything has been washed, dusted and vacuumed and hopefully I have designed a workable place. My main concerns or goals for this space were: 1. to move my cuttlebug from the kitchen table to this work area. 2. to move my sewing machine to an area accessible to an outlet that had good light and would work. 3. Move my stamps and punches from this area yet still have them available. 4. Clear my table surface so that I would have plenty of room for my airbrush. So here is what I have done:

My cuttlebug is now where my sewing machine was, I think this will work.

My work table area has increased considerably, I was also able to angle the unit that holds my Quickutz Revolution because I took the towers out. The black tower is now on my mantle in the living room, previous pic. , scroll down and the white tower you can partially see in the middle bottom photos.

I have moved all my stamps from this area, which now holds my beads and tools, I have place my tools in containers and then arranged them in shallow acrylic trays, this way depending on what I am doing I can easily move the entire tray to and from my work surface. The beads are in a spice rack system I purchased from International Imports.

The picture of my sewing station is in a previous post scroll down to see that I have move it to the living room next to a light and it also has window light source and an electrical outlet.

I found some plastic tubes from a bead outlet and have transferred all my small objects that would fit, this way a bazillion of them will fit in one drawer.

These are the bookcases in the living room, I have removed about 75% of my books, packed them up and move them to storage. I have some of the stamps I use frequently on display and the others are in baskets. So there it is.

Some Tips for any of you who are thinking about some spring cleaning:
1. Make sure you have a plan. Be flexible, allow the plan to change as you progress.
2. Trust your instincts.
3. Create stations, use shallow trays to hold containers so that you can move tools back and forth to clean or when they are not in use.
4. You are going to create a mess so just remember "the dark before the light".
5. Be sure to incorporate some of your personality into the room, it not only stimulates your imagination but makes it a warm and happy place to be in.
6. If you have tools or items you think maybe time to let go of, pack them in a box and store it, if you do not go to the box in 3mos. it is time to let them go.
7. When you have completed your job remember to reward yourself! I get my toes done tomorrow.

That about does it, if you have made it to the end, thanks so much for visiting my work space. Am I afraid to start working in it again? You BETCHA! But, this too shall pass. Happy Tuesday, Hugs

Monday, March 22, 2010

BBTB2-Challenge - Sweet Treats

Our BBTB2 Challenge today, hosted by Susan Edwards, our goal to use the cake from Cricut Cartridge "Sweet Treats". As I was looking at this icon on the cartridge I was intrigued with the treat box and decided to build my project around that. The cut goes together quickly and definitely one I will use again.
The overall measurements of the box are 6 1/2"X 4 3/4" X 3 1/2". I used my 12"X24" mat to cut this and used a 12"X18" sheet of white 110lb. cardstock. The handle is wire rimmed ribbon. All colors were done with Copic Markers and Copic Airbrush System. Please check out the other wonderful designs. Happy Monday, Hugs

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Maiking Progress-Sneak Peek

I am still not done but I am making progress and here are a couple of sneak peeks of my re-organization. One of my concerns was that my sewing machine was not functioning in its last position, there was not easy access to an electrical outlet and so many things had to be moved etc, in order to sew, now it has its own designated area. There was nothing in my budget for new items so I have had to re-purpose a lot of items, but that is a good thing, these bookcases were in my dhs office, he did not use, so you snooze you lose. It actually has performed a function I had not previously thought of, it has closed up to a point the huge leak in the fireplace.

This is the area behind my work table in the dining room, I have many passions and realized that they all have to do with color one way or another. I love crystal, especially when it is filled with color and texture. I have packed up over 600 pounds of books for storage at this point, I will need a lot more courage to get rid of my books. But that is another day. Hope everyone is well and productive. Hugs

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Dirt Biker's Birthday

Good Morning, a fun male card this morning. This is a commission for a Dirt Biker's Birthday, I had to shoot it on an angle because the truck is glazed and horrible glares occurred straight on. The overall size is 6X6. The sentiment block was cut from "Sentimentals" and it says, "We hope wheels are spinning and dirt is flying." The truck was cut from Cricut Cartridge "Heritage" and the dirt bike from "Everyday Paper Dolls". The photo corners are QK and all coloring was done with Copic Markers and Copic Airbrush System. Happy Thursday, Hugs

Sunday, March 14, 2010

BBTB2 Challenge - Technique Tuesday

Our Challenge this week is sponsored by "Technique Tuesday" what a fun, fun stamp set this was to create with. I use the "Reverse Image Stamp Block" to get the deer on the left. We were also challenged to use a swirl from "Stretch Your Imagination". The background paper for this was one of my favorite Cosmo Cricket papers. The frame was cut from "Happily Ever After". The center butterfly is from a Martha Stewart punch. All coloring was done with Copic Markers and the Copic Airbrush System. Happy Monday.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SeaShell Book Mark

Good Morning, well I am not really officially back, still plodding through my mess, I am getting a series of books ready to share with a friend and wanted a bookmark to go along with them, so used the shell from Cricut Cartridge "Tie the Knot", I think I am going to use this cut as a stencil for a pair of rescued chairs I am going to repaint this summer, they sit on my front porch and I love this shell. Beneath the shell and Nesties oval is a StampinUp flourish rub-on, I also used rose colored metal photo corners. All coloring was done with Copics and the Copic Airbrush System. Hope everyone is having a great week. I have contributed greatly to the landfills this week. Hugs

Monday, March 8, 2010

Clutter Threshold

I have finally reached my threshold and can no longer work in any of my areas. My designs are looking cluttered and unorganized and I know that it is just my environment, soooooo, I am taking this week to de-clutter. I will take breaks and visit all my favorite blogs periodically but will not be posting. See Ya soon. Hugs

addendum 10:30 - Monday. Okay, I must have chiseled stone tablets in another life, because I love paper, I love the way it looks and the way it feels and how it works. That being said, it is still only Monday and I have 3 -13gal trash bags of scraps, now, not usable scraps, so that is almost 40gals and I have not even put a dent in it. What is wrong with me? LOL. Keep checking in. Hugs

Day 2, I am up but, not my hit the boards running as usual, there is such chaos facing me this morning, piles of paper everywhere to weed out and put away or toss, a die cut here and die cut there, I actually thought about diving back under the covers, it is chilly here this morning. Take care. Stay tuned for updates. Hugs

Friday, March 5, 2010

Piece of Cake and Blog Candy Winner

Good Morning, I started playing with the "Cake Box" on the Cricut Cartridge "Tie The Knot", I cut it the biggest I could for a 12X12 matt and loved the size, perfect for a small gift, a love note or gift card nestled in some tissue paper. I then cut the cake from "Sweet Treats" 3 times and added tabs with Design Studio so I could adhere them together. In the middle I positioned (permanently) a battery operated tea lite. I punched 2 tiny holes with my Japanese Punch so that the battery could be turned on and off from the inside of the lid. Added ribbons to the top and created 3 charms using Microsoft Word. All coloring was done with Copic Markers and Copic Airbrush System. Overall size is 7 1/4" from end to end, 5" wide at the widest point and 2 3/4" deep.

The last picture shows the on/off switch. Wouldn't this be cute to present with the candle lite to someone special?
Random.org chose #21 - Lisa as my Blog Candy Winner from Monday, Lisa will receive one of my "Safety Pin Calendars" created just for her! Congrats Lisa!!! Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend. Hugs

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Caroline and the Cooking Fairy

Good Morning, today is "World Book Day" and do I ever have something special to share with everyone today.
"Caroline and the Cooking Fairy" is a very special story, it is about sharing, community, family and just plain fun. It stars Caroline, Harlene's granddaughter. I am so honored to be able to share this today because it was written by my dearest friend, mentor and God Mother to my child.
Harlene Goodrich is a remarkable woman, she is a wife, grandmother, friend. She is a business woman, a retired English Teacher, a playwright with some of her plays produced Off Broadway.
Harlene is funny, spirited and has a heart that just keeps on giving.
This books overall size 10 1/2" X 8 1/2", it is hardbound and lavishly illustrated by one of Harlene's dear friend, Sally Wilkerson. The back inside cover completes this wonderful story with a recipe for cookies you and your fairy can bake together. It is available for sale here and on my Etsy Store, $14.95 and $2.50 shipping and handling, if you would like to purchase it here please, email me for my Paypal account, my email address is skartist78@yahoo.com. The first 50 books will be autographed. It is not available in bookstores at this time.
I am sharing a couple of sneek peeks of the inside illustrations, they are yummy. If you have a cooking fairy or think you might be developing one, this is the perfect book to share and even if you don't it is just a fun story. So go ahead participate in "World Book Day" and claim a copy of this delightful book for yourself. Happy Thursday and Hugs!

Here is just a peek of what is waiting for you inside this book!