Sunday, March 16, 2014

just be

A quirky little note card for Spring this morning, it has definitely sprung, almost 80degrees yesterday, windows open, all that fresh air went to my head, lol.  Card blank and inside inset, created using PhotoShop 6 and my Cameo.  A new spring butterfly for the right outside corners. "just be" is a Tim Holtz rub-on.
this shows off the inset inside, sorry about the blurry pics, light has changed in my studio with the time change and I have not gotten it down yet, lol.  Hope the rest of your Sunday is springy and bright, hugs

Friday, March 14, 2014


Happy Friday, and it is a good one here.  A dear friend had back surgery this week, over the last couple years she has been in a lot of pain and it has really put a kink in her very active life.  It was a great success, yippee and she will soon be zipping around like her old self.  So this card is to celebrate and cheer her on.
Copic markers and Tim Holtz distress inks.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, we will be having late spring temps here this weekend, great opportunity, to get the windows open and air out the house, hugs

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I continue to work with my ideas on energy and movement in my cards.  I think I love the chevron because it is a wave pattern, waves equate life and energy.  Conscious or unconsciously waves surround our life.  I want my cards to be upbeat and happy, I want the receiver to feel the energy.  I took a photograph of a small flower grouping to PhotoShop and began erasing some of the pixels, so that the background looked like flowers being tossed in a breeze, I then distressed with Tim Holtz "Old Paper".  The font for wild is "LDDotty" from the Silhouette Library.
Hope your day is filled with wild and wonderful energy, hugs

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thinking of You

After I do my line drawings and decide it will work as an element, I take it to my Cameo and set it up and cut, I will cut three or four so that I have the option to do different color techniques.  I don't always color immediately after I cut them out, sometimes they will sit on my table for a week or more before I get to them. The cornflower was for a specific project so I colored it quickly and the spares were sitting on my table and this card came together.  I like just the line drawn flowers on the chevron background, bringing my color out in the bee, ribbon and little word block.  The chevrons and little fly lines under the bee give this card a sense of energy and movement, so the lack of color in the cornflowers work.

Here is the same card with photo corners added, the subtle difference is that instead of the background having rounded corners they are now squared off with the addition.  I also wanted directional photocorners so that the word "love" was in the correct reading position top and bottom.  I used a piece of index card, distressed with Tim Holtz distress inks, wrote "love" and then cut with the cameo.  I know, I know I have this thing for photo corners.  So here we are smack dab in the middle of the week, hope yours is progressing well, hugs.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Imagine always

Yesterday I was unfocused and restless, I think it was the time change, I finally sat down at my table and visited a field of cornflowers with big fat bumble bees flying around, well at least in my imagination.  Day dreaming for me, is a sure way to get focused and creative.
More and more PhotoShop6 and my Cameo are best friends with my drawing pens and Copic Markers. Background paper is from Paper Studio "Harper's Boutique".  Happy Tuesday, hugs

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hope and Silver Threads

I was thinking the other morning about Hope, Believe and Miracles.  I realized hope is the catalyst to believing in Miracles.  I do believe in Miracles, I hope your coming week is filled with them.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Just some play with simple note cards.  Used an antique photo, Tim Holtz "Old Paper" distress ink and rub-ons.  Outlines were done with Copic markers and Micro pens.  I am distracted today by a perfect Spring going on outside, it is glorious.  Hope your day is just as pretty, hugs

Friday, March 7, 2014

Under the sea or is it?

Happy Friday everyone.  Well this underwater scene is one of those illusions of the eye working with the brain to make sense of something.  Yesterday while I was out it was hard not to notice the lush of everything around me, the flowers are in bloom, standing straight and tall with nourishment from the sun and all the rain and the trees are plump the bark unusually stretched with all the water they have taken in.  So whipped out the camera and took some bark pictures, when I printed this one out, Oh my goodness how much it looked like an underwater scene when turned sideways. So that is my background, it could really qualify as "Everyday Magic".   The Chinese symbol for "thanks" is a Hero Arts Stamp, stamped with Tim Holtz "Aged Mahogany" and then cut with my Cameo.  Have a great weekend, hugs

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

captured dreams

Have you captured any of your dreams yet this week?  Sometimes the dream cannot be captured in one fell swoop, sometimes the dream requires snippets from here and there and then needs some curing time.  It also needs for you to be specific about what it is from that dream you want or you just might end up with a nightmare, lol.  Most important, don't let the outside world tell you when the dream is complete, it is not complete until you say it is.  You're not a dreamer?  Sure you are, day dreams or night dreams, you spend 50% of your life dreaming, it's a statistic.  Hope you have wonderful Bold Dreams this week, hugs

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Creating with Everyday Magic

Every day magic isn't just in nature, it is anything that moves you.  As stated in the post below this, these little safety pins moved me this week.  I did a closed pin as well as the open one from yesterday.  Then I decided they would make a cute paper on this gelli-pull, so created the background paper using Photoshop6 and my Cameo.
Here is a little history for you too.  April 10, 1849, Walter Hunt (he did some other neat stuff also) received a patent for the spring safety pin.  I am sure that there were those out there 150+ years ago that thought these were magic.  Although the first pins are credited to the Myceaneans in 13th to 14th century, they were called fibulas and were mostly used with brooches.  What magic things are hanging around your table?  Hope lots and lots of magic, have a great week, hugs

Monday, March 3, 2014

You are pinned to my heart

Last weekend a neighbor had a garage sale, it is not a neighbor I know very well, they are relatively new to our neighborhood and very busy, but we started talking at the garage sale, most of the items they were selling were from her mother, they had just put her into assisted living in AZ and they were selling some of her things in order to raise money to get her in a living center in this area, so they could be with her more.  I found several things that would work for me and came home with arms loaded and heart warmed.  So many of my friends have family in assisted living and although they all do the best they can to be there, there is still the feeling by the family member in assisted living that they have been or will be forgotten.  I think that as we get older fear issues are not only real but contribute to stress and stress related illness.  So I digress a bit, I have been incorporating some of my found treasures into my studio, one is a table top organizer with a drawer, I was cleaning it this weekend and pulled out the drawer and there in the back was a collection of safety pins all joined together on a larger one.  For whatever the reason I was moved, the person was organized as she had fastened them all together and well, my imagination must have moved also, cause she just jumped right in and said "PLAY TIME".
So I created this card, all images and background are mine.  I think I will give one to my neighbor to send to her mom.  So as you travel through your week, keep in mind, someone you love may be feeling forgotten, so send them a card, hugs