Friday, July 31, 2015

oh boy, nuts

So, let's talk about I wonder, what if and how would this work?  These are questions I ask myself often, but infrequently initiate, time, distraction and sometimes just motivation thwart the idea and it is then buried in the gray matter never to be found again.  I have been playing with the negative from a sheet of tags I cut out, 5 across and 5 down.  So what I have been doing is taking the negative and putting a piece of my background paper behind it and scanning it in, also using other materials that I have on hand and come to mind.  I then take them to the Silhoutte, do a trace and detatch and cut them out.  For this card I used a picture I took recently of a squirrel in our back yard eating a peanut. You may have to stare at it for a couple of minutes for it to come into view for you,

So the moral of the story, if you don't have time to try an idea, be sure to write it down at least so it does not become fodder for the brain to misplace, discard or simple disregard.  Happy Tuesday, Hugs

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sleep in a Bag

 Oh my goodness just the title to this makes me giggle, "Sleep In a Bag" don't we wish.  I don't usually share my core beliefs, I mean really, sometimes they change, Yah, even core beliefs change sometimes.  Right now I am in a huge change process anyway, but this one I have had since I was just a kid and I know it to be true.  If I don't get my 8 hours of sleep, I am no good to anyone especially myself.  So let me tell you, a great interrupter of sleep is divorce, "Should of, could of, would of".  The more I speak to friends and neighbors the more I am hearing that some of their issues involve sleep disruption.  So here is what I do and if it helps you - I am so glad I have denied my tendency not to share my core beliefs.  I found an organic frankincense and lavender spray by zummist, I spray this 2 or 3 mists before retiring, but maybe the most important is I give myself and my inner goddess permission to sleep through the night, a healing, restoring sleep and that I will wake refreshed and inspired throughout the new day.  It has been working remarkably well.  A friend and neighbor is going through chemo after breast cancer surgery, so I wanted a goddess worthy package to deliver some of my favorite spray. Here is how the bag came together.  I am committed lately to use what is on hand if at all possible, this is a brown grocery bag they put small stuff in to protect.  about 12"X6",  I took a piece from the classified ads and sprayed it with "Tintit" by Design Masters "Pinkolicous", then cut out a section to fit the bag, with a sketch pen and ink drew in the ribbon, scanned it into my computer, printed it out and just hand cut the ribbon, scanned in and set it up as an element in "Design Studio" for my Silhouette.  Set it to size for the bag and a little smaller for the card and cut them out, applied the cut out element over the ribbon on the printed background. I painted the "Z" for sleep with a brush and also turned it into an element. Used some existing zentangled photocorners and added a small clothes pin with an "S", my friends initial to secure the bag.
 This is the card done with the smaller bow and "Z"s for the card.
This is a close-up of the small clothes pin with the S intial, kinda cool cause it could be for "sleep" also.


So here is a little FYI, I have not seen this done, but doesn't mean anything, I have so little time to create and almost no time to catch up on new stuff.  Did you know you can clean up your cuts with the eraser on the Silhouette? I enlarge my element after I have traced and detached, move it to the side off the white background, enlarge and then take the smalled eraser possible and clean the zagged lines, wow, it works.

Long post, hope it gives some help, relief and Bless your Goddess within! Hugs

Monday, July 27, 2015


Happy Monday, this is the same background I used for my last post.  I saw the technique on Pinterest from "Martha Stewart" and it peeked my interest.  I used "Tintit" Sepia and D'Arches "organic brown", it was done just laying down some pebbles on my paper and then spraying with the Tintit and splattering with ink, I then used a calligraphy pen to write in the words.  Pen and heart are from my design stash.
Gearing up here for triple digit temps this week, not my favorite, it means I have to run around like crazy to get everything done outside, so I will be in before the brunt of it hits.  Stay Cool, hugs

Sunday, July 26, 2015

3 point landing

A little bit of fun with a new spatter background and also a new leaf.  Background was done with "Tintit" Sepia and organic brown ink by "d arches".  The leaves were done with "Tintit" Saphire and Jade, it was sprayed and also used the paint with a brush.
Not enough time lately to work on my stuff, so doing a little catch up today before I go take the pups for a walk.  Stay cool and if you are in N CA stay out of fire harms way.  Hugs

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

thanks - sticky notes card

Another fun sticky notes card.  These are going to be fun to work with in my art journals also.  I am playing with some different colors from my "Tintit" sprays.
Hope your Tuesday rocks, hugs

Friday, July 17, 2015

sticky notes from the heart

This card was inspired by a flyer I got in the mail, specifically the sticky note holder, so I went to work sketching out my own version and playing.  From the moment sticky notes hit the market I was a fan, in some ways they are my nemesis, they get lost or stuck together, but I still love 'em.  When I first saw the flier I thought oh what a great journaling block,  I have an entire stack with quotes and words, these are perfect for little notes from the heart, so that is what I did.  Background was zentangled, then sprayed with "Tintit" on the front only and oh boy a fun card.
I hope your colors are flying and your free spirit is soaring, hugs

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sweet simplicity of Kitchen Vintage

 A few months ago while putting some pans away in my roommates garage I spied a vintage "Mix Master" and thought hmmmm.  Last month I found a recipe for some Siracha Honey Butter and could not resist the temptation to try it out, it was a huge success and I have been keeping a crock of it in the refrigerator ever since.  I decided though if I am going to make this on a consistent basis I was going to need a little more arm power.  So I asked my roommate if the mixer worked and we pulled it into the kitchen plugged it in and sure enough, it is perfect for the job.  Above is the crock of blended butter and some jalapeno cornbread muffins to spread it on, yummmmmm.
I am a lover of the old and vintage, even more so now!  I think that it is the simplicity of it, it just mixes, nothing hidden to remember you just plug it in, set the bowl on the turntable turn the knob and away it goes.
Hope everyone has a sweet and simple transition into the weekend. Hugs

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer Fare

Several weeks ago I started searching the grocery store produce department for the vegetable that would lend itself best to zentangles and decided on asparagus, stored it away but kept thinking about it.  So last week when I took out some salmon to cook for dinner I decided I would run out and get some asparagus to cook with it.  Got it home and did a photo shoot of it and started playing with my Inktense inks.  I became so engrossed with the color and thorns I just did it as I saw it.  Next time will zen tangle it.  I also used my water brush this time, the more smaller areas there are to blend the better the brush does.
Boy we were a noisy neighborhood last night, we brought the cat in around 6pm but he cried and paced long enough that we let him out about 7PM, then around 9:30 he woke up my roommate wailing to get in, ran into roommates bedroom and shot under the bed until way into the early morning, poor little fur ball.  Hope all went well with your evening, hugs

Saturday, July 4, 2015

note card

Happy Fourth everyone.  Last time I was at my storage unit, I pulled out some of these pre designed note cards because I had an idea to do a medallion for the middle.  Was just putzing around yesterday and did this little flower oval and it worked perfectly.  These cards were found at my paper source and they were on clearance at a ridiculously low price, so glad I scooped them up.  They are perfect for just a thinking of you note and they go together so fast.
Inktense pencils and my water pen this time.  Be safe, hugs

Friday, July 3, 2015

Zenful Thanks

Well this is the extent of my fireworks this year, lol, we are so dry here, I decided to do an explosion of color.  Used Intense pencils and baby wipes for the background and then zentangled up the word "Thanks".
Hope everyone has a safe, happy, fun 4th, hugs