Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Mushrooms

My favorite Season of the year is finally here, although our days are a bit warm, the mornings are heaven, a little chill and that crisp smell you get this time of the year and oh the divine color, I love the way the light flickers off trees and dapples the yards.  I did a new "fall" word, still working on the technique.  New mushrooms, colors were taken from "Inktense Pencils" and "NeoII" crayons, I love, love the way these two work and blend together.  I think I have my cutter problem figured out, my roommate switched to AT&T, there in began the off cuts, but every time I switch back to our old carrier it straightens out, I am definitely not a techie but the only thing I can think of is that our old carrier is via modem and AT&T is analog, whatever it is I am back with the old carrier.
Hope your week is smooth and creative, hugs

Sunday, September 27, 2015

who put the sock fetish spell on the spider?

Last year I pretty much missed Halloween altogether, so as it approaches this year I really wanted to do a couple of fun cards for one of my favorite holidays.  I used a new spray sheet background and colored up some socks and had the idea to put them in the spider web.  Then used my little owl on the word block which says "I want to know NOW! Who put the sock fetish spell on the spider? LOL, just makes me laugh.
We have a new provider for our computers and my Cameo is now totally out of sync, so will be working on getting that back to working, geeze glitches make me crazy, have a great Sunday, hugs

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

bon voyage

I guess I am into the "Bon" words this week, lol.  I have a friend getting ready to leave the end of the week for the northern area to do some "fall leaves" viewing and visit with some friends and wanted to wish her a safe journey.  No new elements or backgrounds today.

Have a great Tuesday, hugs

Monday, September 21, 2015

tweet bonjour

Yesterday I kept seeing a birdhouse in the bark paper I had printed out, so did a quirky one for my little bird and added a word tag, The word tag is a sketch turned into an element using the Silhouette Cameo.  Well I am off to begin a busy Monday which includes pups and son, have a good one, hugs

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bonjour Autumn

I wanted a non-event, everyday Autumn card in my stash for when I wanted to just say hi or just send some info to friends,  One of my favorite things to do on walks is to take my camera and capture tree bark, leaves, flowers and critters.  The background is tree bark I enlarged and printed out so that I would have an abstract block for my swag.  I created the swag with the Cameo using some of my favorite leaves that I dried and a sketch for the swag, then created a compound path, saved, turned it into an element and then cut out with cameo, this gave the card a little more texture and depth.  I love the earth colors of this card.

It is feeling more like fall every morning although our afternoons are still a bit warm, my favorite season is almost here.  Hope everyone has a great Sunday, hugs

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life is a balancing act

My goodness I have had a little pig fest this week.  Inside of card reads, "the challenge is finding a soft place to fall.  Colors are NeoColorII crayons and Intense Ink pencils.   The background was done with Design Masters "Tintit" sprays onto gessoed magazine paper.  Primary tool as usual my Silhouette Cameo.

Have a great Thursday, hugs

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


My roommates sister had open heart surgery earlier this week, she got a new "heart pig valve", she did well but has a bit of healing time ahead, so I did this card so her brother could make her laugh.

Did a little pig sketch and made an element with the Cameo, then used existing elements I already had, a tag "Pig Skins" (she is a razorback fan), "Pig Valve" (her gift to enhance life), and what in the heck are "Moss Piglets", lol, well they are a microscopic organism that is being used by a company in Illinois to revolutionize LEDs, you may google them as "Moss Piglets", very interesting.  Inside the card says, "they all make life good, so glad surgery went well."

Our day is glorious and I go pick up my son from work and spend a few hours with him, one of my favorite days of the week, hope all of you are traveling a blessed path, hugs

Friday, September 11, 2015

Shine Your Light

Last week sometime we had a spent bloom on one of the plants and i sniped it off, one of the petals fell out of the berry type pods so I removed all the petals and scanned it into my computer, I love how it looked and did a sketch of it, altered the color with Intense Ink Pencils and turned it into an element.  I am more and more fascinated with the sketching I am able to do with the Cameo and my Bamboo tablet.  Just not enough time, lol.

Hope this is a safe day for everyone and as we hopefully go into a cool down in N CA after a four day stretch of triple digits here, a cool weekend. Hugs

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nosey Neighbor

My inner child has been out playing today.  I took this picture last week, you may have to look at it for a moment before it comes into focus.  I have an affair going on with my neighbor's Boxer, his name is Rex and oh how I love that pup.  Lately when he hears us on the patio he will come out and do a couple of ruff's and then sit quietly at the knothole in the fence and wait as I go inside for a cookie, then he will  jump up and take it through the knothole, ROFL.  Shhh! his mom doesn't know I occasionally pass him treats.

Dog bone is a sketch done with the Cameo and then "Intense Ink Pencils" are responsible for color, scanned in and turned it into an element also with Cameo and cut it out for card.  It is now onto putting the final details onto sons' birthday pressies, we go to dinner tonight, fun fun fun.  Hope your hump day is smoooth and cooler than ours will be we are into increasing triple digis through Friday, hugs

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

birthday beer

My son's birthday is tomorrow, I walk his dogs on Tuesday, so today I am putting a 12pk. of Corona on his counter, so he can kick off the celebration tonight after work as a little surprise.  I truly can't imagine life without my Silhouette Cameo, there is barely a day I don't use it for something.  The balloons were done with the sketch feature, then cut out and embellished with pen and ink.  Some thin twine to give the fun card some depth.  It will be attached to the beer carton with an appitizer fork, my roommate had a package of them he was going to throw away and I rescued them from the garbage can, 

giving the fork a coating of alcohol ink (Chameleon - Deep Black), attached to the back with a glue dot and then a piece of scotch tape over the back for double adhesion.  The fork will attach to the side hand cutouts on the carton.

A fun way to kick off a birthday, it was quick and easy, just what my life calls for lately.  Hope everyone made it through Labor Day unscathed with some good memories.  Hugs

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You are strong

An uplifting card for the chemo center.  Colors done with "Tintits" Strawberry and Sepia.  Some pen work, my posy and bee finish it off. n  Inside it says  "So shine your light, today."

Hope your lights are shinning this week, hugs