Tuesday, September 8, 2015

birthday beer

My son's birthday is tomorrow, I walk his dogs on Tuesday, so today I am putting a 12pk. of Corona on his counter, so he can kick off the celebration tonight after work as a little surprise.  I truly can't imagine life without my Silhouette Cameo, there is barely a day I don't use it for something.  The balloons were done with the sketch feature, then cut out and embellished with pen and ink.  Some thin twine to give the fun card some depth.  It will be attached to the beer carton with an appitizer fork, my roommate had a package of them he was going to throw away and I rescued them from the garbage can, 

giving the fork a coating of alcohol ink (Chameleon - Deep Black), attached to the back with a glue dot and then a piece of scotch tape over the back for double adhesion.  The fork will attach to the side hand cutouts on the carton.

A fun way to kick off a birthday, it was quick and easy, just what my life calls for lately.  Hope everyone made it through Labor Day unscathed with some good memories.  Hugs

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