Tuesday, September 15, 2015


My roommates sister had open heart surgery earlier this week, she got a new "heart pig valve", she did well but has a bit of healing time ahead, so I did this card so her brother could make her laugh.

Did a little pig sketch and made an element with the Cameo, then used existing elements I already had, a tag "Pig Skins" (she is a razorback fan), "Pig Valve" (her gift to enhance life), and what in the heck are "Moss Piglets", lol, well they are a microscopic organism that is being used by a company in Illinois to revolutionize LEDs, you may google them as "Moss Piglets", very interesting.  Inside the card says, "they all make life good, so glad surgery went well."

Our day is glorious and I go pick up my son from work and spend a few hours with him, one of my favorite days of the week, hope all of you are traveling a blessed path, hugs

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