Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bonjour Autumn

I wanted a non-event, everyday Autumn card in my stash for when I wanted to just say hi or just send some info to friends,  One of my favorite things to do on walks is to take my camera and capture tree bark, leaves, flowers and critters.  The background is tree bark I enlarged and printed out so that I would have an abstract block for my swag.  I created the swag with the Cameo using some of my favorite leaves that I dried and a sketch for the swag, then created a compound path, saved, turned it into an element and then cut out with cameo, this gave the card a little more texture and depth.  I love the earth colors of this card.

It is feeling more like fall every morning although our afternoons are still a bit warm, my favorite season is almost here.  Hope everyone has a great Sunday, hugs

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