Friday, April 3, 2015

friday cat nip

Happy Friday and Pass Over.  Some of my life lately revolves around the cat "socks", he is a cuddler and yet on the other hand he is a scaredy cat.  He will only interact with my roommate and now me. He jumps at sounds, or things we carry out to the patio, it has been a challenge trying to figure him out.  It is like he is on mega doses of cat nip, lol.  So this card is dedicated to the beloved "Socks".
As I started writing out the things used to make this card, I sort of laughed, sometimes the simplest take the most time and tools.  PhotoshopCC, Silhouette Design Studio, Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Pigment Pro 01 Pen, Epson Scan, Derwent Intense Ink Pencils, Pilot G-2 10 gel pen and 110# card stock from wal-mart.
I wish everyone a Happy Easter. may the bunny be with you, hugs