Monday, March 2, 2015

A Little Morning Fun

some morning fun and a shape card, birdie hand drawn and colored with Inktense pencils by Derwent.  Background from my stash on the hard drive.  We have black clouds and overcast but just don't think we will get the rain, Happy Monday, hugs

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Male Birthday Card

I needed a male birthday card for a friend this weekend, so decided to try to do one with what I had on hand.  All of my card stock except for a couple of pieces of black I had here from a project a did for my roommate is in storage, I had some old file folders so I cut them into 4X6 pieces and ran them through the printer, I cropped a scan I had of a previously created card and it started coming together. So maybe this tiny space will work and sustain the artist side of me.  We are very cloudy and gloomy today, hoping for some rain, we will see.  Happy weekend, hugs

Friday, February 27, 2015

journal page

My goal this week, sticking my feet in the water, reacquainting with photoshop and doing some journaling and catching up in general.  A little bit of a challenge but enjoying the process.  This was done with sketchbook, my camera, that beautiful tuxedo cat is "Socks", he belongs to my roommate, a feral cat that adopted roommate and eventually took a shine to me, hurray, he will not associate with any other humans and we are convinced he understands english, lol.  The measuring strip was scanned in from an antique tape measurer, the ledger paper from a pad back in the 70's.  It has been a good week with wonderful full nights of sleep.  We are looking for a little rain this weekend, I love creating on a rainy day.  Hugs

Monday, February 23, 2015

Back - Free and Healing

Wow, a little over 6 months gone, what can happen in 6 months?  Let me tell you - A Lot!  November 14th I filed for divorce, so I am 1/2 way into that process.  Ex fled to Texas, I packed up my studio, the house and all is now in storage.  I moved in with a neighbor next door and now have a delightful roommate, I am safe, warm and fed and so very blessed.  Friends and family have carried me through this and I give thanks every morning for all of them.  Physical and emotional scars are healing and I am finally walking through the door to the rest of my life.  Have no clue what awaits but I am ready to find out.
The one thing I have missed more than anything else has been my creative outlets, there have been almost none, a few camera shots here and there, my fingers itch for paint and ink, paper and images. My new space is very small, a few colored pencils, my camera, computer and printer are my tools for now.  A friend gave me some greeting cards received from a cause supported.  This weekend while looking at one, I thought of a picture I had taken of some tulips and started playing at altering one of the cards.  Took the picture to Photoshop and did some line drawing with my bamboo onto the photo and printed it, then took a scrap of yellow card stock I had and mounted the photo to the strip.  That went on top of the greeting card.  My storage unit is only a short distance from the house so I make frequent trips, lol, carting things back and forth as I need them.  Not a huge accomplishment "Rome was not built in day" but my heart soars and my muse yawns and stretches her creative vibrations and asks, "What took so long?"  Hope everyone exercises their muse this week, with joy, appreciation and beautiful color, Hugs, Sandi

Thursday, August 21, 2014

newsprint as gift wrap

Being faced with the need for some gift wrap paper and unable to find anything that worked for me in my stash, no time to run out for some, left me with the only option of  figuring out an alternative.  Newsprint is definitely a staple of my studio, not only do I use it as spray sheets but it also comes in handy so often for other needs.  It was the perfect size, so I gathered, Dylusion Inks, Tim Holtz distress Inks, stamp pads and stamps, some brushes and stencils and set to play.  This will not only work as my gift wrap but will also work as a card background at some point.  I love newsprint but even more I love playing with the toys.  Have a wonderful day and move joyously into your weekend. Hugs

the gift is ready to go.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Moose

A fun birthday card for a friend, we walk most every morning, we take in the morning light and changes in the local flora and fauna, we also discuss the state of our universe as seen on news feeds.  One thing that we laugh at are the "Breaking News" banners constantly displayed, it just seems so unnecessary, so the ridiculous was on my mind as I began putting the card together.  A singing moose in a castle court yard seemed to fit the bill.  Background is from a frame I purchased recently, cropped and filtered in photoshop, then printed out.  Moose element created using photoshop and Silhouette Cameo, banner also created using Cameo.  Hope your day is filled with the fun and ridiculous, hugs

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Tribute

This morning on my walk, I could not ignore the joy in the sky above me, then I thought that just maybe it was the joy of angels spilling over from Heaven as they welcomed and embraced Robin Williams.  That they felt the sadness of his passing from this earth and wanted us to know that they had received him and that there is peace and laughter in Heaven this morning.  He was one of my all time favorites, I caught an improv one night as he pieced together Shakespearean quotes in a magical, hysterical skit of pure genius, he stayed on my radar from then on and I was always excited to see his next project.  God Bless you and yours Robin.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Embrace Now

Monday morning is beginning, no sunrise yet but temps are perfect right now to get the house cooled down so windows and doors open to let it in.  August is giving us a break this week with temps in the low 90s, after two weeks of triple digits in July it is a blessing.  
Now that it appears I have a working system, FINALLY in place, I am incorporating some of the wonderful features from my fairly new printer, the old one would not print on an A2 card blank, this computer did not have a word processing software so I down loaded a free one and to my amazement it worked, lol.  Also on one of my early morning walks the sunlight was beautiful and there are portions of our older neighborhood where the road topping is cracked to the point of looking like a cobblestone, the light was perfect and I took a picture, whala my background for this card.  The leaves from another walk, here is a little tip, if you find a leaf you love but it is crinkled and dried but other wise perfect for what you want, take the leaf and place it in a bowl of water for about 6 or 8 hours, remove, dry off with a paper towel, pat gently and scan it in, then using your editing software turn it into an element.
Hope everyone has a peaceful, safe week, hugs

Friday, August 8, 2014


Some leaves I found on a walk and turned into elements, dodging triple digits has had me a little slow and this computer situation cinched the whole thing.  No promises, but I just may now have a solution in place with a newly shared 3 year old lap top, we will see.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, hugs

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Are these little stinkers cavorting in your backyards?  They are so darn funny, they look at you in challenge and glee, they hop, scamper and chatter.  I do love watching them play.  We should take lessons.  Hot hot hot here today, stay safe and cool, hugs