Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer Fodder and Fun

Have you ever woke in the middle of the night with a dream so real you could remember the details?
This happened to me this week and it was all about these photo huggers, so much fun, so much dimension and an added plus for the inside of the card.  Then I did a new word block and as I was doing a new brown paper bag painting for a background a very serindipitous thing occurred, I was adding gesso to a brown paper bag for color a technique but I loved all these random brown underlying show throughs. so I scanned it in and printed it out, I love this background and kept it. The corner huggers - hug the inside and outside of the card, I did the front and back.

 The huggers give the inside a great opportunity for sharing thoughts as well as giving the inside a co-ordination that is also tickling down the sides.
The back of the card also co-ordinates with the rest of the card.  The asparagus is an original element from last year.  Hope all is well out there, hugs

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