Tuesday, June 30, 2015

comb sweet honey comb

Yesterday, I kept looking at the background from yesterday's post, I kept seeing a honey comb.  So did a background in the yellow and mango.  Although my primary goal is to use the tintit's on some hard surfaces I have to say I love working with them on the paper for backgrounds a lot.
Well I need to run out to the back and give the plants water, we are into a week of triple digits and they begin to weep if they are not watered every other day.  Have a good one, hugs

Monday, June 29, 2015

New Background and baby wipe blending tool

Yesterday morning I got an email from Michael's with a coupon for 40% off on entire purchase of items at regular price and into my head popped the Design Master "TintIt" sprays.  It was only from 4-7PM, so at 4:15 loaded with my coupon I walked into an almost empty Michael's store, what was up with that I have no idea, grabbed all 10 colors and walked out in 20mins with 40% off my entire purchase, wow.  So this morning I put a piece of white card stock into a fish net bag that we got from the grocery store with our cantaloupe and did random sprays with plum and strawberry.  So many colors to spray, so little time, lol. 

In yesterday's post I promised to post a picture of the blending tool I did with a strip of baby wipe to blend my Inktense pencil colors with, so here it is, with two important tips.
1.  tear baby wipe on the width wise not length wise.
2.  wait until you are ready to begin blending to prepare the fantastix the baby wipes dry fairly quickly, the unused portion of baby wipe place inside container, depending on how much you have to blend you will probably need more than one strip.

Happy Monday and stay cool, hugs

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Our neighbor did some harvesting this weekend and we got some!  In our salad last night fresh cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini and onion, truly is nothing like fresh veggies straight from the garden.

I was fascinated with the root ball on the onion so went to work on it,  I even created a new tool in order to do my blending with the baby wipes and Inktense pencils.  I took a "fantastix" it is a pointed dry blender, I tore a strip from a baby wipe and wrapped it tightly around the tip, then stuck an upholstery pin into the stick to hold the baby wipe in place, it worked well.  If I have a chance today I will take a picture of the tool.  I used 3 layers of Inktense pencilson this, then turned it into an element with my Silhouette.  Photo corners were zentangled and frame around the onion done with a .05 micron pen.

We have had a much needed and appreciated reprieve from triple digits this week but Monday go back to them, whew it is hard staying cool and getting anything done when it is so hot.  Hope all is well out there, hugs

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Jewels

A card for a friend that is going through Chemo.  This was a fun whimsy card to do.  The background is wax paper crumpled and sprayed with Design Master "Tintit", I also did a new dragonfly colored with Inktense pencils and blended with baby wipes.  Fun bubbled photo corners.  We are headed into some pretty hefty triple digits here so wanted to keep it cool.  Have a great Hump Day. Hugs

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Card, Etc. Organizing Box

 I found this cork covered box at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be a great box to organize cards, gift wrap, etc. for a friend.  So fussied up the front with some of my elements, sprayed them with sealant to protect them from splashes just in case.  I adhered them to the box using Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate", my choice when stuff has to stay put
 I drew a wonky tag on my Bamboo and then imported it to my Silhouette to create a tag for the box.  Color on tag was done with "Tintit" by Design Master and tied it to the right handle grip of the box with blue jewelry cording.
Created 4 file folders, also painted with "tintit" and doddled some on the labels.  It is ready to go!  Have a great Tuesday, hugs

Monday, June 22, 2015

Design Master's Backgrounds and more

 Oh my goodness I have so much to share this Monday morning.  Here is a card I did this weekend, a thank you for a neighbor that dropped off some of these gorgeous tomatoes for our salads, they are so sweet and juicy and they are beautiful also.  So took out the camera and they had their own photo shoot this last week.  The tomato coloring was done with Inktense pencils and baby wipes, it is a technique I have been working with for a couple of months and it just gets better and better.  There are 7 layers of red/orange and yellow with purple shades in the tomato.  I do not blend until all the layers are on and then I smush up the baby wipe and roll it forming a tip and then partially swipe and brush the paper to move the color.  I love working with these pencils.  I then take the finished drawing to the Silhouette and create an element, I cut out two sizes for this card.
 This shows the layers started, at the point of this there are about 3 or 4 layers.  Now on to my next exciting share.
If you have not playaed with the Design Master's "TintIt" sprays you might want to pick up a couple of cans and give them a go,  They are amazing color and are truly transparent, which means you are able to over spray to create some awesome background papers.  This is the background for my tomato card.  There is a little trick to this though that I have also been playing with.  I have a tiny, tiny work space and believe me it does not lend to any indoor spraying or painting so I have to be very selective about my paints and have stuck with 6X6" backgrounds over the last year because of that.  But yesterday I had a few extra hours and took a letter size sheet out to play with.  In May or June I picked up a can of Aleene's "NEW" Matte finish spray, I am such a sucker for "NEW", lol.  It is a little pricey as it is only  a 6oz. can and almost the same price as the Krylon 12oz can but I did it anyway.  So I got home and was anxious to see what was sooooo NEW about it.  I sprayed a couple of blank sheets and laid them on my bed to dry, my bed is my work table.  Later as I was working on another project, I forgot about the spray job and grabbed one of the sheets thinking it was a blank white sheet and stuck it in the printer to print out a background and was amazed to see a wonderful mottling in the color and had to leave it to finish my project but kept it in the back of my mind for later use.  So I took the Aleene's Matte Finish and sprayed it on the blank paper and then not waiting for it to dry I sprayed it with the Design Master's "TintIt" and sure enough I got a little heavier mottling by spraying the DM's on the wet Aleene's Matte spray.  Because the paint is transparent I then took another color and gave it a random quick spray, Wow, wow, wow, I love this background. Absolutely more of these backgrounds for my stash.
So that is it for the longest post I have made in over a year, lol, Hope everyone has a fabulous start to the first full week of summer, our temps are promising to rise today. Hugs

Sunday, June 21, 2015

honey doo dle

Since January I have been waiting for someone in my area to stock the Design Masters "Tint It" and to my delight yesterday when I ran into Michaels to pick up a new cutting mat they had them in stock, I love love these sprays, Look at the gradual layer starting at the top, the colors are yummy too. The border around the center block are photo corners - so just some fun play this morning.  Happy Father's Day to all the guys out there hope you were forgiven the Honey Doos today,

Thursday, June 18, 2015

zen buzz

There is a new bee in my repertoire, it is a little hard to tell but he was done using hatch marks and doodles, then colored with Intense ink pencils.  Then used my Silhouette Cameo to turn him into an element.  I chose an existing background to use them on.  There is something about working with the Zentangles that keeps me focused and definitely relaxes, almost like a working meditation. I even sleep better after an intense session with my Zen pen and paper, lol.
May the Zen be with you, hugs

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

zentangle wild

Yesterday as I finished cutting some new zentangle photo corners, used on this card, I became interested in the negative portion of the cut and started playing with it, the background is what emerged.  The triangles were colored with versa chalk ink, the blue background was done with a base of Inktense pencils and then a top layer of NeoColor II crayons.  I then made 3 copies of the piece and melded them together with my Silhouette cameo and did a little more zentangle on them.
Hope your week has some happy wild in it, hugs

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Card with Zen Photo Corners

Starting my week off using some Zen Photo Corners I created this weekend, fun fun fun.  Design created using a Micron 01 pen, scanned it in and then created the corners using my Silhouette.  I can visualize a lot more zen photo corners in my future.  Have a fabulous week, hugs

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Breaking Away Zen

A little variation on my Breaking Away but a fun one.  Color NeoColorII and my water barrel brush and black pen.  My Silhouette and some polka dots in the background.  Happy Hump Day.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rose Trilogy

I took some time this morning to play with a rose I did this weekend.  A bunch of hours but worth it. The rose was done in two stages, I did the drawing then printed the line drawing out.  I did a base of Intense pencils, scanned it in again and printed it out and then did a layer of NeoColorII.  Then took the rose to the Silhouette and created the element you see.  For the blending of the NeoColorII, I used a water barrel pen - almost dry, the inktense pencils  I used a wetter brush with, so my first layer was almost a watercolor wash.
So I am off to walk my son's pups in triple digit temps, now that is LOVE.  Happy Monday and have a great week.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Poppies with face

More play with faces and NeoColorII.  Sort of an artsy card today, been playing with the Silhouette and PhotoShop and this just sort of happened.  We are heading into summer temps in N.CA but all in all a beautiful day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sock it up, girl with a tip

A dear friend is getting ready to celebrate a birthday, she loves to dance and I love and collect socks, so this idea came to me and so much fun to doodle socks, lol.  I am honing new habits that enhance my time with my art and thought maybe some of you with die cutters might be interested in this one. When I do a line drawing of an object, i.e. socks, I take it to my Silhouette and just using the cut lines, no color or pattern, I arrange it on my mat and will cut 6 or twelve out on 110# card stock, I then keep them handy when I have 45minutes or so of downtime and will doodle on them while I watch TV, waiting for dinner to finish, etc., when it is done I scan it in and take it to my Silhouette again and create an element.
So sock it up girls and have a great Tuesday, hugs

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fairy and Butterflies

 Neo Color II got a work out this weekend as I fussed and manipulated color for this fairy face.  Also used my Silhouette to make it into a shape card.  It was done in bits and spurts as I did not have the time to work on it continuously.  The Neo Colors continue to amaze me and I have definitely concluded that the more time you spend with them building layers the better they do.  Also a water color paper is definitely on my list of things to pull out of storage when I have some extra time, this was done on 110# card stock which meant drying time was essential between layers so that the paper would not fall apart.
 I continued the doodle blocks for the inside to keep it consistent.
here is the card from the side to show the inside.  My learning curve is getting better with this new color and I love it more each day.  Hope your jump into a new week and month is a smooth one, hugs