Monday, June 29, 2015

New Background and baby wipe blending tool

Yesterday morning I got an email from Michael's with a coupon for 40% off on entire purchase of items at regular price and into my head popped the Design Master "TintIt" sprays.  It was only from 4-7PM, so at 4:15 loaded with my coupon I walked into an almost empty Michael's store, what was up with that I have no idea, grabbed all 10 colors and walked out in 20mins with 40% off my entire purchase, wow.  So this morning I put a piece of white card stock into a fish net bag that we got from the grocery store with our cantaloupe and did random sprays with plum and strawberry.  So many colors to spray, so little time, lol. 

In yesterday's post I promised to post a picture of the blending tool I did with a strip of baby wipe to blend my Inktense pencil colors with, so here it is, with two important tips.
1.  tear baby wipe on the width wise not length wise.
2.  wait until you are ready to begin blending to prepare the fantastix the baby wipes dry fairly quickly, the unused portion of baby wipe place inside container, depending on how much you have to blend you will probably need more than one strip.

Happy Monday and stay cool, hugs

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