Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nosey Neighbor

My inner child has been out playing today.  I took this picture last week, you may have to look at it for a moment before it comes into focus.  I have an affair going on with my neighbor's Boxer, his name is Rex and oh how I love that pup.  Lately when he hears us on the patio he will come out and do a couple of ruff's and then sit quietly at the knothole in the fence and wait as I go inside for a cookie, then he will  jump up and take it through the knothole, ROFL.  Shhh! his mom doesn't know I occasionally pass him treats.

Dog bone is a sketch done with the Cameo and then "Intense Ink Pencils" are responsible for color, scanned in and turned it into an element also with Cameo and cut it out for card.  It is now onto putting the final details onto sons' birthday pressies, we go to dinner tonight, fun fun fun.  Hope your hump day is smoooth and cooler than ours will be we are into increasing triple digis through Friday, hugs

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Carole Beath said...

Oh my oh my, this is absolutely adorable and made me giggle big. I love the story behind the card, and I love the little sneak peek in the fence there. So so cute, Sandi. We had a bit of rain here in Glendale, AZ this AM. My kind of rain.... soft and gentle. lHate those raging Monsoon storms. Hugs.