Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Mushrooms

My favorite Season of the year is finally here, although our days are a bit warm, the mornings are heaven, a little chill and that crisp smell you get this time of the year and oh the divine color, I love the way the light flickers off trees and dapples the yards.  I did a new "fall" word, still working on the technique.  New mushrooms, colors were taken from "Inktense Pencils" and "NeoII" crayons, I love, love the way these two work and blend together.  I think I have my cutter problem figured out, my roommate switched to AT&T, there in began the off cuts, but every time I switch back to our old carrier it straightens out, I am definitely not a techie but the only thing I can think of is that our old carrier is via modem and AT&T is analog, whatever it is I am back with the old carrier.
Hope your week is smooth and creative, hugs

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