Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer Fare

Several weeks ago I started searching the grocery store produce department for the vegetable that would lend itself best to zentangles and decided on asparagus, stored it away but kept thinking about it.  So last week when I took out some salmon to cook for dinner I decided I would run out and get some asparagus to cook with it.  Got it home and did a photo shoot of it and started playing with my Inktense inks.  I became so engrossed with the color and thorns I just did it as I saw it.  Next time will zen tangle it.  I also used my water brush this time, the more smaller areas there are to blend the better the brush does.
Boy we were a noisy neighborhood last night, we brought the cat in around 6pm but he cried and paced long enough that we let him out about 7PM, then around 9:30 he woke up my roommate wailing to get in, ran into roommates bedroom and shot under the bed until way into the early morning, poor little fur ball.  Hope all went well with your evening, hugs

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