Monday, March 3, 2014

You are pinned to my heart

Last weekend a neighbor had a garage sale, it is not a neighbor I know very well, they are relatively new to our neighborhood and very busy, but we started talking at the garage sale, most of the items they were selling were from her mother, they had just put her into assisted living in AZ and they were selling some of her things in order to raise money to get her in a living center in this area, so they could be with her more.  I found several things that would work for me and came home with arms loaded and heart warmed.  So many of my friends have family in assisted living and although they all do the best they can to be there, there is still the feeling by the family member in assisted living that they have been or will be forgotten.  I think that as we get older fear issues are not only real but contribute to stress and stress related illness.  So I digress a bit, I have been incorporating some of my found treasures into my studio, one is a table top organizer with a drawer, I was cleaning it this weekend and pulled out the drawer and there in the back was a collection of safety pins all joined together on a larger one.  For whatever the reason I was moved, the person was organized as she had fastened them all together and well, my imagination must have moved also, cause she just jumped right in and said "PLAY TIME".
So I created this card, all images and background are mine.  I think I will give one to my neighbor to send to her mom.  So as you travel through your week, keep in mind, someone you love may be feeling forgotten, so send them a card, hugs


mickeydee said...

I love the way your mind works. This is such a beautiful card. I love the story behind it. Enjoy your new treasures and I'm looking forward to seeing what you create...dianne

Sharon Caudle said...

Well it's been forever since I've been by to visit you, and your post moves me almost to tears. Wish I could run over the hill right now and give you a big ol' hug! Fabulous post and beautiful card, Sandie! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've been by. I hope you're doing well.
big hugs, Sharon

Bonnie said...

Love this post! I work with the elderly, especially the ones with dementia, and believe me... It's the little things that warm a heart and make a day