Friday, February 28, 2014


Good Morning everyone, from a wet and thankful Northern CA, oh how we need this rain.  My share this morning is proof positive, I will do anything to avoid the ritual of cleaning my studio table.  I barely have a 6"X6" square to work in, there are copic markers, scraps of paper, cuts from recent projects, you name it, it is stacked, covered and a mess.  So I woke this morning with full intention of gathering, putting away and cleaning up so that I am able to move on to next project.  I got up, brewed coffee and walked to table with mug in hand.  What happened next is what always happens when my table is cluttered, my imagination goes "oh boy, we are going to play, look at all that color, don't throw that scrap out it has wonderful lines." on and on, well you get the idea.  But, I do have options, I can just shut down the imagination in its' tracks but that makes the imagination rather cranky and my heart sad, I can reason from my left side to the right but that doesn't really work all that great, my left side usually gives up and shuts down or I can bargain, which is what I did this morning.  I told myself, you may make a bookmark, BUT, you cannot pull any items from of their area, you must use what you have on the table and then you will clean, ROFL.  So now I am off to clean my table top.  I wish you a lovely Friday, if it is raining or snowing where you are be safe, hugs


Bonnie said...

Oh Sandi, I am just like you! My husband told me a messy studio was a sign of a creative mind so we will just go with that! Love the card as always, so happy you are back to regular posts

1CardCreator said...

lovely card and so happy to hear you finally have rain! I can't seem to keep my craft area clean for more than a few days. I am so clean and organized everywhere else, but here it seems impossible! When it gets too bad it seems to stunt my creativity, I have to clean it up before I can make anything else, lol. ~Diane