Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Everyday Magic

Yesterday I had some errands to run, I also had a 25% off entire purchase coupon for Michael's.  Since I was driving right by, I did that turn signal thing and pulled in.  Wow, Michael's has exploded with burlap and cork, it's every where, lol, not sure how long it has been available, I need to get out more.  I found these 4x4  canvases and thought they would make fun backgrounds and they do.  But that is really not what I am sharing  this morning.
"Create with everyday magic", what is everyday magic?  Okay, here is an example, you are leaving work, you have to pick up kids at daycare and you have to go to the grocery store, hmm, which first?  Grocery store first means more gas, a little longer jaunt, but kids in the grocery store make you crazy, as you are walking to the car you realize there is a glow in the air, pinks and oranges are bouncing off your car, NOW, this is the moment of everyday magic, do you stand there for a minute and really watch, can you determine where the orange begins and the pink stops?  Are there clouds, is the sky alive with birds enjoying the magic, or do you get in your car and drive off unaware that all of this magic has surrounded you?  Here is a little challenge, you don't have to post anything, you don't have to go out and purchase anything, just make the commitment to be aware of 1 thing each day that is everyday magic, then capture it, in a journal, on a card, in words, something that will stamp the moment in your consciousness, we all need more magic in our lives, hope your week is full of it, hugs

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1CardCreator said...

Pretty card and love your thoughts, thanks for sharing. ~Diane