Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Creating with Everyday Magic

Every day magic isn't just in nature, it is anything that moves you.  As stated in the post below this, these little safety pins moved me this week.  I did a closed pin as well as the open one from yesterday.  Then I decided they would make a cute paper on this gelli-pull, so created the background paper using Photoshop6 and my Cameo.
Here is a little history for you too.  April 10, 1849, Walter Hunt (he did some other neat stuff also) received a patent for the spring safety pin.  I am sure that there were those out there 150+ years ago that thought these were magic.  Although the first pins are credited to the Myceaneans in 13th to 14th century, they were called fibulas and were mostly used with brooches.  What magic things are hanging around your table?  Hope lots and lots of magic, have a great week, hugs

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1CardCreator said...

Great card Sandi. I bet you would love the free newsletter from Wise Geek, he has all sorts of interesting things to learn. Yesterday I learned the most expensive traffic ticket was $200,000.00 in Finland where it it based on your income. Canada has the next highest tickets where they go from $150.00 to $ 25,000.00 and are not income based. ~Diane