Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mud Puddle

Hey, Happy Saturday, we are looking good in the weather dept. today, low 70s, however in one fell swooop we will go to 48 next week, grrrrrrrrr, brrrrr.  But just gonna love these pretty days while we have them.

I get closer and closer to my Bamboo Create Tablet every day, my PhotoShop skills are getting there,  but have sacrificed some of my drawing skills to lack of consistency, so I am taking at least one hour a day from PS and working on drawing.  While playing with my art journal pages, I have fallen in love with art dolls, I wanted a quirky one of my own, so this is one of my first honest sketches in a while, she is a line drawing and then worked her over with Copic markers and then took her to photoshop.  Umbrella and leaves are from Emeto "Welcome Winter" kit.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. Hugs


eiyiyi said...

She's wonderful. Your talent truly knows no bounds! Our weather is lovely today (poured down rain for 2 days straight - very unusual for us) and should be in the mid 70's by afternoon. Tomorrow morning will be somewhere between 30 and 40! Yikes

mickeydee said...

I am a crafter, you are an artist! Love your doll, she makes me smile. I love how your are blending different techniques together. Awsome job!

Jayne said...

Just fab Sandi! I love your art and your art doll is wonderful.
Jayne x

Kelly said...

Your doll is gorgeous. There is no end to your talent! We just got over a cold snap here in Florida, it is suppose to be warming up with in the next day or two.

DonnaMundinger said...

I love art dolls and yours is fabulous. I always find inspiration in your quotes and musings. xxD