Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hang on Toto

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One of the amazing features to PhotoShop is the ability to edit a page after it is "done".  I did not like the perspective of my Dorothy's House but could not figure out how to change it, even though I knew there was a way.  I have since found a tutorial on layers which explained the very simple process.  I have made the change as seen above.  Using PhotoShop is like visiting a HUGE museum, the first time you visit, you are disoriented, lost, confused and not sure why you visited in the first place.  The building held such treasures though, you go back and back for another visit, and before you know it, it feels like home, you know its niche and crannies and how to get to and from them.  So if you are struggling with PhotoShop or PSE, stick with it, give yourself some breathing time between sessions, just don't give up. Hugs

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The more I play the more I fall in love with PhotoShop.  I took a cloud photo a few years back and started playing with yesterday, then I had to do a house for it, oh my goodness, I can hardly wait for the new OZ movie.  Have a fun weekend, hugs


Loopylou. said...

he he he he! oh that's so cool sandi! Mo saw the advert for that this morning and he thought it looked awesome!
huge hugs Lou xx

1CardCreator said...

Love the house! You are so talented learning all this new stuff must be exciting! ~Diane

DonnaMundinger said...

OMG!!! You and me BOTH! I had all the Oz books as a child (think I still do in the attic). Anyway, you've so totally captured the tornado here. Love, love, LOVE it! xxD

eiyiyi said...

Perfect, absolutely perfect~ hugs, eileen

Carole Beath said...

Oh my Goodness Gracious, this is absolutely wonderful.