Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whooooos feeling better?

Morning all, Happy Easter weekend, hope that bunny hops your way with bunches of love and yummmms.  I  needed a "get well" card for a 16 year old male, geeze these are hard.  I created a whacky little owl, did some doodling and then took him to PhotoShop and my Silhouette to create an element. I have been re-reading the entire 15 books of OZ so my imagination is on over drive, lol.  Frank Baum is such a wonderful story teller, I forgot how much I love all the books on this magical land.  

I also want to mention, I purchased the Elkins Creek blade and blade holder for my Cameo, oh my goodness, it is wonderful.  So if you have been thinking about it, think no more, just do it.  If you have any questions just ask Mark at Elkins he is fabulous about answering quickly, there is also some info on the Silhouette Plus Forum on the blades and blade holder with a coupon for first time buyers.

That's it for today, hugs

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Jayne said...

Hi Sandi,love your owls,they look wonderful.
Jayne x