Monday, August 11, 2014

Embrace Now

Monday morning is beginning, no sunrise yet but temps are perfect right now to get the house cooled down so windows and doors open to let it in.  August is giving us a break this week with temps in the low 90s, after two weeks of triple digits in July it is a blessing.  
Now that it appears I have a working system, FINALLY in place, I am incorporating some of the wonderful features from my fairly new printer, the old one would not print on an A2 card blank, this computer did not have a word processing software so I down loaded a free one and to my amazement it worked, lol.  Also on one of my early morning walks the sunlight was beautiful and there are portions of our older neighborhood where the road topping is cracked to the point of looking like a cobblestone, the light was perfect and I took a picture, whala my background for this card.  The leaves from another walk, here is a little tip, if you find a leaf you love but it is crinkled and dried but other wise perfect for what you want, take the leaf and place it in a bowl of water for about 6 or 8 hours, remove, dry off with a paper towel, pat gently and scan it in, then using your editing software turn it into an element.
Hope everyone has a peaceful, safe week, hugs

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Sharon Caudle said...

Sandie, You are amazing! Your creativity astounds me. This is spectacular!! Hope you're doing ok!
big hugs, Sharon