Friday, May 15, 2015

From packing material to hole punch cradle

 I have had an extra busy week, one filled with some creativity and some great steps forward.  My much loved Durango has a heart problem, to be corrected soon with the replacement of 7 fuel injectors by my multi talented son.  His payment for this work was a Hefty Tool Box, 52" long with 10 drawers, weighing in at 238 pounds.  It arrived on Wednesday and we went to pick it up and install it at his job site.  As the unpacking began, they started pulling these amazing corner panels made from layer upon layer of cardboard, they saw trash, I saw a booking binding cradle and quickly absconded with them.
 Yesterday, I was sharing with my roommate what plan I had for them, I have the most wonderful roommate, He took the panel and questioned more on what it was I wanted to accomplish, so I went into the process it would need to preform, he said, "let me think on it".  I am telling you in no time at all he brought the cradle in and asked if this is what I had in mind.  It is not only perfect, it is magic, lol.
It is approx. 12"X12", it will store away nicely in my 5'X2' studio haven and since I am concentrating on mini art journals right now not only in the name of storage but also because I have less time to work on the pages now, this is perfect.  Art journaling is my life-line right now, it helps eliminate my stress and also allows me to see where my focus is and adjust when needed. Life is good and I am blessed.  Hope all of you are heaped with blessings this weekend, hugs

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