Wednesday, October 7, 2015

roses roses roses

How much is your art linked to your life?  Hmmmm, interesting and most of the time I cannot separate one from the other.  I have had an insight lately though,  If I am working in my studio and hit a brick wall, I will walk away and address something else totally unrelated, likewise if I I hit a brick wall with life, I will throw myself into my art, most of the time without thought, I will just jump in and do it, Whichever the situation at some time answers will come that I had not thought of and that gives me some peace and ability to follow through.  So I laughed out loud as this card came together, it is jumbled, busy, intense, lines, circles, colors, how in the world could you get a lesson from this card?  Slow down, breath deep, don't fly and land at the same time, rofl.
Hope you are living your dream and creating your life, walk slowly and enjoy! Hugs

the card needed some words, hugs

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