Thursday, February 18, 2016

brown bag painting for elements

I have been playing with a new technique and like it so much thought maybe some of you would like to try it also.  I have been drawing and painting on brown paper bags, that part really came about because I use the brown paper bags for spray sheets and sometimes turn them into backgrounds.  The reason I am drawing on them to create an element is that I was just playing and did the leaf above using acrylic and NeoColorsII, I wanted to see how the NeoColors blended using them on top of an acrylic base, they work great by the way and blend smoothly.  For whatever reason, used the white NeoColorII around the edges of the leaf, I was just playing, I liked the way the leaf looked and decided to turn it into an element, one cannot have too many leaves in their stash and I was amazed that when I did my extraction it took the white and I loved the leaf even more.  So then I had to do another drawing to see if it would do the same thing and did the tag.  So I will be experimenting more as time permits.  The 3 day blessing is one of my new mint stamps, I stamp it in my planner to remind myself of just some of the blessings I have in a day and I will probably use this as a bookmark in my planner also, it is a 30x30mm stamp.  The background I used is one of my spray sheets sprayed with my Design Master's "Tint It" Gold Shimmer, there is something wrong with the way it is spraying, it's globbing so I thought maybe the nozzle was clogged and way trying to clean it.  It did not help but it sure did give a great background, lol.  Have a great day, hugs

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