Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year

If one deserts their blog for a year, probably they should have something to show for it.  So I begin my new chapter with a new organizational tool, my life quest, organizational tools.  I saw a "7Gypsies" box using the index cards and thought it was a way cool idea and that it might help me to throw out my sticky notes, I am slowly but surely reinputting the info on index cards and getting rid of the sticky notes, they are a hindrance to ones train of thought.  Have you seen these cubes and boxes at "The Dollar Tree"?  Well they have become my obsession, I am using them everywhere.  I used one for the index cards instead of the Library Box as shown by 7 Gypsies.  I then cut index cards "From My Kitchen" cart, I did 12, one for each month and 26 one for each letter of the alphabet.  I then printed out a calendar for each month.  During the reigning month the calendar sits infront of the index, when the month has passed the calendar goes in back of the index and the whole month is moved to the back behind December.  When the year is through I will then bind them.  Jan-Dec deals with day to day issues, things I want to remember, important dates, etc.  A-Z are ideas, things I want to record as in recipes, instructions for projects, they too will be bound at the end of the year.  When I begin a card I either put the date indicating where it will be filed or the Letter under which it will be filed, along with the date in the upper left front corner.
Now that is it for my first few weeks of 2012.  2011? Part of me says I would just like to kick it out of the living experience, on the other hand, it was a tremendous growing year for me.  The best parts, I came together with myself and think I have a whole new understanding of me and what I am supposed to be doing.  My ex-husband died in January 2011 of complications from Type 2 Diabetes, losing a buddy is tough but I walked through it all with not only our son but also my ex-husbands wife, we are all stronger and healthier from the process but owwwie geeze it was hard.  My husband Michael has Type 2 Diabetes and one of my missions last year was to find out the whys and how do we fix this.  What a journey, as a result I have thrown out 95% of all processed food and turned my kitchen into a whole food kitchen.  There are no boxed cereals, not store bread, switched over to quinola pastas and embraced a product called Wild Tree, it is void of toxic fillers and colorants and will be completely organic by summer.  I have lost 30lbs, Michael has lost almost 40 and his glucose numbers have gone down.  As all of this was happening I made the decision to rep the product, wow!  If you would like any info on the product you can check it out on my web-site by clicking on my link:   Wild Tree.  
I have linked my Gypsy to The Imagination, now that was a brain teaser but I have to admit, I love love it.  No more looking for a cart.  I hope all of you had a good 2011 and that 2012 is on its way to be an inspirational and fun packed year.  Hugs 


eiyiyi said...

So good to see you in print again. Sounds like you really did come through stronger and wiser. Missed you. hugs, eileen

1CardCreator said...

Welcome back! Love your organizational baskets!

Carole Beath said...

Oh my you have no idea how wonderful it is to see you back, to see the paper creations from your hand and mind...This project is absolutely wonderful.I loved your story, congrats on all that you have won. Hugs

DonnaMundinger said...

Congratulations on your fabulous accomplishments, girly! You are an amazing woman! Giant hugs! xxD