Friday, June 1, 2012

I've lost my glasses, again!

 There are days when 1/2 my life revolves around looking for my glasses especially if I am working on more than one project at a time.  For years I wore the glass holders that fit over the arms but then I realized I was getting headaches from them and they were always in my peripheral vision, so I quit wearing them and have to admit my headaches have eased up except for the ones caused by constantly losing my glasses, lol.  I had to run into Office Depot the first of the week for printer paper and there was a package of lanyards -12 for $8.00 the type with the clip on the end for badges etc. and I wondered if I could not do something to hold my glasses.  So here is what I did and so far it is working great.  I took off the clip, then I sniped the top and burnt the ends so they would not unravel, then I took a large beade and threaded one end and then the other end in the opposite direction, it is an ancient old closure technique.  Then  I added to more large beads, one to each end and knotted the ends.  The lanyard is 36", so with this closure I can adjust the length and the piece looks nice with or without glasses attached.

I then punched 2 - 2" circles, doodled on one and embossed the other and sealed with a polymer medium.

 The above is the doodled circle
The above is the embossed circle
view of the piece without the glasses.  Happy Friday to everyone, hugs


1CardCreator said...

I must be thick headed, or it's my dyslexia today. Do the glasses just hang from the middle or are they attached to the arms somehow?

Sandi said...

Diane, sorry I guess that really isn't clear, my bad! The glasses just slip over any of the pieces, if I am working around the house I just slip them over the "V" above the metal that forms the bottom portion, if I am leaving the house and want them more secure I will thread one arm through the larger "O" ring that connects the circle with the lanyard, hope that helps to clarify, thanks so much for commenting, hugs

1CardCreator said...

Thanks Sandi, I thought somehow the ends were supposed to slip into the space you show in the first picture. My bad dear, I have a hard time figuring these kinds of things out, lol. Thanks for explaining it further, I get it now. I forgot to say it looks really cool too!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

you are so amazing Sandi... you never cease to impress me with your awesome creations.. hugs

Stephanie said...

Well this is nothing short of genius.
You have a great mind.