Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where is your star?

Happy Sunday, Oh what a glorious day it is here, the colors are vibrant, a slight breeze in the air and the birdies are very happy.  I am sharing one of my bookmarks today.  When I am first introduced to a new product, I reply with a resounding, NO!  Not necessarily because I don't like the product, but, because I do not need the product.  If that product becomes louder, I will do the research and weigh it out, thus it was when my friend Christy pointed out that the "Tim Holtz" Distress Markers were maybe a must have.  The more I heard and then saw on UTube, I became curious and then decided okay, this would be a benefit.  I ordered them, this week I got them, there was a slight 3month wait, LOL.  One of the primary reasons I decided on them was that early this year I discovered that all markers with a brush could be used with Copic Airbrush System, using another marker usually generates a daupled spray, but there are times that that can be a tremendous benefit, so I wanted the Ranger Distress Markers to use with airbrush in conjunction with my Ranger Distress Inks and Stains.  I have had 3mos. to think about this and one thing that kept jumping out at me, was oh my goodness what will "Picket Fence" do?  It was the first maker out of the pack and into my airbrush it went.  Do I LOVE IT, oh yes I do, there are a million things that can be done with this one marker and I can truthfully say that my studio will never be without one or two of the "Picket Fence".  The other colors are rich and equally as tantilizing.  So this my review on the Tim Holtz Distress Markers.  Have a great Sunday, Hug


Bonnie said...

What a great effect! I will keep reading so I can learn more from you about different uses for the markers. I, too, have them but my creative brain doesn't work like yours so I will watch for inspiration from you!

Jayne said...

Hi Sandi,love your bookmark.
I got the picket fence distress marker a few weeks ago and absoluely love's one pen I wouldn't be versatile.Love how you used it.
I have some copics and promarkers and thought I did'nt need the distress markers and after using pf I ordered the set and love them!
Have a good weekend.
Jayne x

Kelly said...

What a cool effect. You are amazing with any type of marker but these I will have to try. Your bookmark is awesome!