Monday, October 1, 2012

BBTB2 Challenge - Tree

Monday? Really? Well then get on with yah, I'll keep up, cause I can't wait to see what's next?  It is B2BBT Challenge Day and our wonderful host is the very talented Jayne.  Please visit our Challenge site for some fun inspiration and then join in.  Please remember your focus cut must be a Cricut cut, our simple challenge rules are posted at the top of the site.

Sometimes while creating a card I will get a story or words while I am working away on it.  I do not usually share them but this time I thought it would be a fun element and decided to create a Coven Mistress journal and adhere it to the top inside of the card.  Here is the little story/poem:
A Time Before and After
Long Ago but in Witches
Time, Now.

Journal Entry - Coven Mistress

The young witches, what a fright,
to teach and steer these flighty
beings before the Hallows Eve is
just not right.  So few come to
age at the beginning of the Hallows Eve
but the ones that do give magic its'
badge of Horror.

For one I have at present, is all
consumed wth hats, which to
wear, should she take a spare?
"My Dear", I said, "It would
be a grateful help if you would
put these hats upon a hat tree,
while altogether, it will make your
choice much clearer".

Upon my early evening walk,
around the bend at the edge
of the magical glen and to my
right, a small charmed tree stood,
stripped of its' leaves and on
every branch a witches hat
wiggled and squirmed for
position.  A circle of bats, spelled,
to keep them hoisted.

It took me no time to know
who to bring up to toe
the broom line.

"Young Witch", I said, "was
it you who stripped the charmed
tree off the glen of all its' leaves
and placed upon its' branches, the
plethora of hats?"

"Yes, Coven Mistree it was I and it
was you who advised me to
find a Hat Tree."

Oh, the Young Witches, what a

Now onto the card, this is a 6"X6" card, the background paper is a Heidi Grace design "Shimmer Glitter Paper" and I love it so much, I will keep 1 sheet in my stash forever, for those of you that have not seen it the top portion is black on white and the bottom is white on black a mirrored image. I used the bottom portion.  The tree is from Cricut cart "Wall Decor" and the hats were cut from Cricut cart "Pooh and Friends".  I drew and cut a template for the hat bands and gave a few of them gems.  The bats are Martha Stewart.  The ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  I think this year more than ever, the Halloween images and papers are THE BEST and I cannot remember enjoying the creating of them more than now.  Can hardly wait to see what you have in store for us on the subject of Trees, have a great week. Hugs

Post Script:

Well I finished the inside, it took me longer than the outside, lol, but I kept changing my mind about how I wanted to present the story/poem on the inside, in the end I decided to put a small journal for the Coven Mistress.  I sketched the spiral notebook and then cut off the spirals as they did not have them back in her time.  I then print and cut potions from the SLibrary along with 2 labels.  I did a wax seal for the front of the journal and since their time is so different I skewed it a bit and gave it a fracture.  Added a Martha Stewart bat.  The eyes at the bottom of the inside, I do not have a clue, I found it in my stash, I do not remember where it came from.

 Inside top - The Coven Mistress Journal
 The Journal open potion on left side - journal/poem on right, there is another page also.
The bottom inside.


eiyiyi said...

As always, fabulous inside and out, just like it's creator! hugs,eileen

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! A hat tree...I love it! What great background paper you have chosen for your fun card. Love the little gems on the hats. Thanks for the Monday morning chuckle! :)

Bucharoo said...

How fun! I love your interpretation of the witch tree. Thanks for sharing this delightful poem and tree.

Creative M said...

WOW!!How Super Cool is this!!!Very Creative!

Jayne said...

LOVE your card Sandi!Fabulous tree and wonderful witch hats.Your journal entry is perfect!
Jayne x

Susan said...

Sandi, this is amazing.... Love the hats on the tree! You made me smile!
Hugs, Susan

Kim Dellow said...

Wonderful! Kim

DonnaMundinger said...

So freakin' COOL! Love everything about this, Sandi! You ROCK! Now I've got to get my hands on some of that paper. LOL xxD

Glenda said...

Amazing hat tree! How fun!

Brenda said...

Wow this is amazing Sandi! I love, loved the poem and the tree with all the witches hats is so perfect! The inside of your card is so awesome, I love those eyes too! Just fabulous! Hugs!

Bella and Aidees Mom said...

Wow this is amazing..Love the white tree..Krista

1CardCreator said...

Love the tree, looks awesome! Great journal poem too. Sorry I have missed a few posts, but I am glad to be back enjoying your work again.

Stephanie said...

Love your hat tree. Unique journal and great papers.LOVE those eyes.

Scrapbooking for Joy said...

WOWSERS!!!!! I just LOVE your card! It's just perfect :D

Suzanne said...

Gorgeous project. I love everything about it! Very cool to make the tree white and love the hats.

doodlingdebbie said...

What a fun Halloween decoration. I love what you did. You are always so creative.

Penniannie said...

Your tree card is whimsical and wonderful, the white tree stands out just perfect, I love the whole idea..


DIANA L. said...

Great project very creative.