Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tag Along Christmas Planner

 It is Saturday and a beautiful Fall Morning, all my windows are open, I am in my element.  Well, first the story.  This week I received the prettiest altered folder from a Blog Buddie, it was done using a Pendaflex "Divide it up" folder, she also shared a couple of blanks with me, she has posted these on her blog and I just love them, but like all blog projects, they are not nearly the amazing thing on blog that they are in your hands.  Eileen does such an amazing job with detail and thoughtful additions, I was touched, touched, touched.  Usually I fall asleep reading but the other night I picked up this piece of art work and just inspected it, how it was constructed, the embellies used, etc., I spent a good 45mins just admiring it.  Then lights out and off to dream land (literally), I dreamt of these folders all night long, lol.  When I woke, I jumped up, powered up my studio and here is my dream recreated.  One more little piece to the story, a week or so ago, I was on Scrapbook Graphics and came across an "Alice's Winter Wonderland" kit, I LOVED it, but could not justify the size, it is a big download and I could not justify the distraction it would be, cause I so wanted to play with this kit.  As this project was coming together yesterday, I just kept seeing it all in play with Alice, so I ran over and picked it up.  It is a little on the edgy side, which I love, a lot of glittery fun things to play with and I adored the colors.  I am so glad I did because as I worked with it, I know I will use it all year round.

This post is picture heavy and long, so I apologize up front.  The over all size of this "Tag Along Christmas Planner" (the name of this project was in my dream, lol) is 8"X8", the spine of the planner is chipboard, because it was designed to be carried along on those shopping trips, I kept the embellishments to a minimum without hopefully looking stark.  I love the cover with Alice standing on the glitzed mushroon, watching all the pressies fall down the hole.  I have had this paper in my stash I bet for about 5 years.  Alice, the Santa Hat and Mushroom are all part of the kit.  The front title plate was created in SDE and the font is BlackAdder.  I used a gold stretchy band to keep it closed as it become full, but a smashbook band would also work, I want the flash of gold with the bow.
 This is the inside with all the accories in place, the rose, top hat and rabbit are from the kit.  I designed the area labels, wish list, card list and note pad to go with the planner.  The specific areas were created using file folders from the SLibrary and the tabs on the side are what anchor them onto the inside, the bottom folders are scored at 1/4" and adhered to the bottom (I used red-line tape) because of the wear it will take.  The pockets on the right were cut from BasicGrey "Blush" and the left pockets are stock green.  The swirl borders are also SLibrary.
 This is the inside with the accessories pulled out, the cover for the notes is from the kit and in the close up it looks like there are real gems on the cover, love it.
 One of my fav embelllishments is this top hat - all spruced up for Christmas, from the kit.
 Here is a close up of the "Notes", oh and the Alpha is from the kit but filled with black in SDE.

These are the lists, size is 6wide by 7.5tall. The shape was done with a SL sketch, I then did an offset, filled with a pattern and treated it as a print n cut.

So that is what I did all day yesterday, but everything is saved, so recreating it will be a much easier process, hope everyone has a happy weekend, and if you stuck it out for the entire post, whew, thanks bunches and hugs.


debandmike60 said...

Love it!!

eiyiyi said...

Can I please crawl inside your mind and live there for a bit so I can absorb some of your amazing talent. this is just fabulous. the original folder pales in comparison! Thanks for sharing this. hugs, eileen

1CardCreator said...

Wow, this is gorgeous Sandi, I love all the details, you must have been dreaming about this for a long time!

Kim Dellow said...

How lovely! Kim

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Sandi, I am going to agree with Eileen, I would love to crawl into your amazing mind.. This is just FABULOUS. Hugs from Ukiah