Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This was really a fun one to do, of course any time I can just sit and play with the Copics, I am a very happy girl. This is one cocky flower though, lol.
This is a 6X6 card.  Remember those huge flowers, I think they were Heidi Grace but can't remember for sure, so I pulled them out for this card, I adhered two together but not exactly even one down a little so it was more like an oval.  Paper is by BasicGrey, misc. gems, photo corners by EKSuccess.  "F" is QK "Blossom".  Face was done on a Spellbinder's Oval (sure am having fun with these) and face was done with Copic markers, I then embossed with the Cuttlebug "Swiss Dots". 

Inside background w/out vellum

Inside vellum overlay

Inside it says "F" is for Flower Power, may you be filled with it all day!  I can't remember if I have ever shared this fun trick with you.  I have a 1950 copy of  "Sunset Garden Book", it is much loved and I love to copy pages for flower cards but then you have a problem because where do you write?  So what I do is cut a piece of vellum (make sure that is printer quality) cut to 5 1/2w X 6"h if I am doing a 6X6card, I then fold it tight to the background and secure it in back with 2 sided tape, then adhere the whole piece to the inside, then if the recipient wants he/she can just lift up the vellum and read or see the background. 

Happy Tuesday, Hugs

Monday, January 30, 2012

"C" is for Cupid

This is a 6X6 card. Spellbinder's large scalloped heart and cupid's face was done on one of the large fancy tags, with Copic Markers and airbrush.  Photo corners are EKSuccess and Sizzix.  Heart punch is marvey. "C" is QK "Blossom".  The arrow is from Imagine cart "JT".  Background paper is from an old "Memories" stack.  Inside says "C is for Cupid" His arrow has captured a heart."  Happy Monday, Hugs

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A "Wild Thing" Valentine

So I began early yesterday playing with the JT cart for the Imagine.  My primary goal was to play with one of the Bonus cuts, the file folder.  As I was playing away I took a break to do a little work on my blog and my good friend Donna had posted to some of my posts, so I emailed her and told her that she had been on my mind as I played with the JT cart and that I would post my work with JT today if I finished.  I then went back to work and kept hearing the words to "Wild Thing" by Jordan Christopher, circa 1965-1966, omg!  It woud not go away, so I just went with it and this is what happened, LOL.  A Valentine for Donna, to tease her into bonding with her Imagine, the one sitting not being played with, the one sad lonely and wishing machine sitting there waiting that she would just push its buttons, can you hear it call, Donna play with me, play with me.  I love Donna's dark side it so moves my inspiration, so here is how it all went down.

Truer color
 The file folder is one sheet and since we only have a 12X12 piece of real estate, I instructed the I to fit it to page, however what happened was that the dimentions go almost to twelve on the height but only to about 8 1/2 on the width.  So I cut it fit to page, then I scored it on the vertical and cut it at 5 1/2 so now we have a file folder that measures 5 1/2 X 4 1/4 and it opens top to bottom, with the index in the middle.  I inked the edges and attached metal photo corners.  The skull was cut at 1.5 with the layers on and is also from JT but I did change the background paper it was on.  I mounted the skull with dimensional dots and put red rhinestones on the background to show through the skull, see next photo for that detail.  The W is QK "Blossom" font.  The hearts are a marvey punch.  I saw that the index "You make everything Grooovy" was crooked and went to change it and then decided it added a little funk to the card and kept it the way it was.
I enhanced the contrast so you could
                                                                see the glowing eyes.

The font for the inside is ITC Juicy.  And with that I wish you a very relaxing and happy Sunday. Hugs

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day Dreams

I love to watch sea fog roll in, you almost feel like you are in another world.  This card is 5X7, the background was done with Copics and airbrush.  The chair is an OTC stamp.  The backgrounds were pulled from one of the Spellbinders Large Sets.  The "D" is from QK "Blossom"  Inside it says, "Take time to have day dreams, then make them come true."  Hugs

Friday, January 27, 2012

Valentine Bear

Okay, I am really lovin this little Valentine Bear.  It is really easy to come together, once you get it down.
So here we go!
I used the Spellbinder's Grand Ovals, #3 and 4 aprrox dimensions are #4-7" and #3-6", cut #4 on a heavier card stock, then on your score it board or ruler and stylus find the center, then score on each side 1/16th inch. fold scored areas with a bone folder and set aside.  With #3 cut with your inside paper, it can be a thinner paper.  Cut in half.  Take your 1/16" ribbon and turn your #4 oval to the inside, lay a very small line of adhesive between your scored lines, lay your ribbon (about 20") you can trim according to your desires later, center inside the card and press down, let dry.  Now for the inside panels, I ink the edges and then on the bottom piece I print my desired words and adhere, then ink the edges for the top and adhere.
The Bear is from my "Imagination" "Santa's Village", I cut it out in layers at 2", I only use the head and the left leg-pad.  I do trim it further and then ink lavishly with jumbo java "Dew Drop".  I have changed the neck ribbon, it is the Martha Stewart ribbon punch, colorized with the Copics.  The heart is about 1" from a Marvy punch. Because I centered the ribbon, I put the bear a little to the right side of the card. Using a few adhesive lifters, I attach the head, right leg and heart.  The font is Accent Dotwritter. When using the Imagine cuts don't forget to put a little white in eye, otherwise it looks rather dead. This fits easily into an A2 envelope.  Hugs

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Valentine

This was a real stinker to photograph.  This is another in my "Alphabet Series" and will be given to my son and his wife for Valentines Day.  Size is 5"X7", the background paper is "Bo Bunny" and looks much paler than it actually is.  I had another background paper scheduled but this was sitting on my table and I really wanted that butterfly in the upper right to be part of the design.  The font is "Blossom" by QK and was cut from heavy card stock and a book page and then colorized with Copic and the air brush as were the photo corners.  The ovals are Spellbinders and the embossed top oval was embossed with a sizzix folder.  "Cherish" was handwritten onto a "StampinUp" tab and is actually recessed but you cannot tell from the photo.  The butterfly is "Martha Stewart" it hand painted with Copics, then stamped and a layer of glaze was then applied.  Inside it says, "C" is for Cherish. And I do cherish both of you.  Hugs

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have been working on an Alphabet series.  Using the first letter of a word to induce a thought or action.  This is a 6"X6" card.  The embossing folder is by Sizzix (I am loving the deep impression they are giving) I pull the emboss on a white oval and then color in with the Copic Markers and my air brush.  Font used is QK "Blossom", then misc. ribbon and a couple of blings on the side.  The inside says, "B" is for Believe. Believe you are a beautiful and essential part of the Cosmos.  The inside paper is from Pink Paislee "Butterfly Garden" The ovals are from Spellbinders, and the photo corners are EKSuccess. Hugs

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Brag Book

A wedding brag book.  I did this for a friends daughter who is getting married this spring.  The charms are two rings and charm that says "Joy".  The paper is "Graphic45".  The back is a "V" stnnd alone so the top can be flipped for viewing.  The ribbon ties in front.  Love is in the air.  Hugs 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year

If one deserts their blog for a year, probably they should have something to show for it.  So I begin my new chapter with a new organizational tool, my life quest, organizational tools.  I saw a "7Gypsies" box using the index cards and thought it was a way cool idea and that it might help me to throw out my sticky notes, I am slowly but surely reinputting the info on index cards and getting rid of the sticky notes, they are a hindrance to ones train of thought.  Have you seen these cubes and boxes at "The Dollar Tree"?  Well they have become my obsession, I am using them everywhere.  I used one for the index cards instead of the Library Box as shown by 7 Gypsies.  I then cut index cards "From My Kitchen" cart, I did 12, one for each month and 26 one for each letter of the alphabet.  I then printed out a calendar for each month.  During the reigning month the calendar sits infront of the index, when the month has passed the calendar goes in back of the index and the whole month is moved to the back behind December.  When the year is through I will then bind them.  Jan-Dec deals with day to day issues, things I want to remember, important dates, etc.  A-Z are ideas, things I want to record as in recipes, instructions for projects, they too will be bound at the end of the year.  When I begin a card I either put the date indicating where it will be filed or the Letter under which it will be filed, along with the date in the upper left front corner.
Now that is it for my first few weeks of 2012.  2011? Part of me says I would just like to kick it out of the living experience, on the other hand, it was a tremendous growing year for me.  The best parts, I came together with myself and think I have a whole new understanding of me and what I am supposed to be doing.  My ex-husband died in January 2011 of complications from Type 2 Diabetes, losing a buddy is tough but I walked through it all with not only our son but also my ex-husbands wife, we are all stronger and healthier from the process but owwwie geeze it was hard.  My husband Michael has Type 2 Diabetes and one of my missions last year was to find out the whys and how do we fix this.  What a journey, as a result I have thrown out 95% of all processed food and turned my kitchen into a whole food kitchen.  There are no boxed cereals, not store bread, switched over to quinola pastas and embraced a product called Wild Tree, it is void of toxic fillers and colorants and will be completely organic by summer.  I have lost 30lbs, Michael has lost almost 40 and his glucose numbers have gone down.  As all of this was happening I made the decision to rep the product, wow!  If you would like any info on the product you can check it out on my web-site by clicking on my link:   Wild Tree.  
I have linked my Gypsy to The Imagination, now that was a brain teaser but I have to admit, I love love it.  No more looking for a cart.  I hope all of you had a good 2011 and that 2012 is on its way to be an inspirational and fun packed year.  Hugs