Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Fabulous Find

My neighbor had this stand in front of her garage yesterday, I guess she saw a twinkle in my eye when I saw it cause she said, "do you want it, I don't have room for it", as you can see I did not hesitate.  I have been storing my punches in see through plastic boxes, it simply did not work but want for another idea I just kept them there.  I hated to go on a search for a punch, even though I kept them some what organized, one would always be out of place or not in its box.  I do need to find a better hook but for now it works fine.  And by the way, I do think that punches breed in the middle of the night cause some of them I do not recognize, LOL.  Happy Wednesday

1 comment:

mickeydee said...

Great find! Punches are the absolute hardest thing to store. Maybe if I stopped buying so many of them it wouldn't be such a problem. I love your new treasure. It will be easier to use them when they are right where you can see them. I bought two more punches your new punch storage!.....dianne