Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Slow is a good thing

Lol, I am enjoying in comparison to the last week a slow day, last week I was in more drs. offices and then to top it off 5 hours in ER with dh, he had a pain flare up and it was a rough one on everyone.  It seems to have run its course and we are all getting back to normal, we slept last night and only one drs. appt. today, I can handle that.  I have had Geckos coming into my life from everywhere it seems in the last week, which is a great thing because they are the symbol of new life and good luck.  Bring em on!

Last week I posted below a Gecko I found in a National Geographic gifted to me by a friend and I love the partial image of it, in fact I love it so much, I wanted my own hand colored image and here it is.  I used the below gecko as my template and created a blank, then colored in using Pan Pastels, Tim Holtz distress markers and Copic markers, they blend beautifully and it is such a pleasure working with these three mediums together.  The background paper is one of tissue pulls using the tubed water colors and Dylusion inks.
I hope everyone has a blessed week.  Hugs


Christy said...

Stunning Sandi! love love love! Hugs

Katrina said...

Sorry you have been having a worrying time, hope DH is feeling better and you can both relax now. I know what it is to be in a lot of pain, not nice!! Hugs to you both.

Carole Beath said...

My yard is full of lizards, and I shall call them Geckos. The cats sit and watch and I tell them "don't hurt, keep safe those lizards and my sweet birds". I've scrolled thru each of your posts and as always your artwork is sublime. I loved the photo of you and friends in front of FLAX, a wonderous store indeed. You are an inspiration in your techniques and art, my friend.