Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Collaboration of hearts

I am blessed with some of the best neighbors anyone could possibly imagine on both sides, across and up and down the street.  They are diverse, talented and loving people.  One of my next door neighbors are pretty new but only to the house, they lived down the street prior to becoming my next door neighbor and lived across the street from a dear friend.  A mom and her two daughters, all three beautiful, vivacious, fun and talented.  Today we are going to talk about Jessica though, her favorite symbol "a happy face", and "hearts" her favorite word "yes".  Jessica is 26 and will be 27 later this month, she was born with some challenges, Trisomy 13 being the hardest one, 80% do not survive past 3 years. Jessica graduated from high school with her class and now works for Pride Industries in Roseville. Jessica loves to make cards.
One of the blogs I follow "Funky Cards" is hosted by Madison, a recent high school graduate, who began "I Feel the Love Project" a number of years ago and has blessed so many people with her call for cards, prayers and help.  When I saw her July project I knew what I wanted to do and I wanted it to be a collaboration with my friend Jessica.  The call was for "Thank You" cards for the mom of the sweetest child "Mariyah", please visit Madisons blog for the full story on Mariyah.  I went next door and asked Jessica if she would like to work on the cards with me, she said "YES", no hesitation, just YES.  I took over 12 blanks for her to work her heart magic on, I gave her no guidance, suggestions or input it was up to her.  Here is part of the magic in all of this, despite a tooth extraction and a pretty traumatic seizure, they got done.  My part was to add the vinyl heart and inside cloud with "Thank You".
I love her rhythm of the hearts, some closed, some open, some with a side pocket. I think all hearts should have a side pocket, LOL.
I know this is a pretty long post and if you have traveled the distance, I thank you!  Hope you got some inspiration and pleasure from our collaboration.  Have a great rest of the week, hugs


Kelly said...

What a touching story and how sweet of you to spotlight her beautiful cards.

Carole Beath said...

Touching story, done with your loving heart. Jessica is a talented young lady. Love this card a LOT.

DonnaMundinger said...

A magical collaboration for you both. The cards are just lovely and the expeience priceless! xxD