Sunday, July 28, 2013

Table Top Blackboards

I was invited to participate in a craft boutique in Southern CA the first week in Nov. and I accepted.  I had a couple of project ideas patiently waiting for me to execute.  One on the top of the list was a tabletop chalkboard, pretty direct and to the point - NOT, lol.  As I got into it I realized there were a lot of variables in products, means of application, etc., etc.  Also there were not a lot of details on product or really on the internet either, well not all in one place.  Finally after much research, trail and error with primer and paint I came up with a workable project.  The thing that scrambled the info was that I wanted to do these on glass, not the traditional board.  One funny thing that happened, I was consulting with a Lowes worker and he suggested a primer, he is reading the instructions, dry time and says "that the primer had to cure 7-10days before use, excuse me? 7-10 days cure time is just not going to work and that product was deemed unacceptable immediately.  When I got in my car, this idea popped into my head, "Michael Angelo would have jumped up and down with glee at a 7-10 day cure time.", I laughed out loud.  The above tabletop is one I am using in my kitchen, dh gets frustrated and cannot figure out if dishes are clean or dirty, so this sits on the counter over dishwasher when there are clean dishes that have not been put up yet.  I keep thinking of so many uses for these little treasures.  I will be doing 2 sizes 4X6 and 5X7.  Then the other night as I was looking at it, it looked a little undimensional, so I sketched a butterfly, colored with Copics, scanned in and created an element for my silhouette Cameo to cut, I adhere two together and then coat with a UVA gloss top coat, then a tiny adhesive dot and it will attached to one of the corners.  Yep, I am lovin the table top blackboards.  Have a great Sunday and good upcoming week, you know where I will be, I am still working on my Christmas card designs too, hugs

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DonnaMundinger said...

Isn't this a fab idea!? Love how it turned out! xxD