Monday, July 22, 2013

Stay Cool

It sure would be nice to have a break from this heat, sometimes I feel like I am part of one of those slooooow motion clips from a movie, where you can see each movement and a minute lasts forever, lol.  The cats want to be outside, they stretch out on their backs and slow down their breathing, it is so shallow you cannot see a movement, have to reach down and pat them to make sure they did not die from a heat stroke.  Enough of my moaning over the heat on to the card.  The background is a printed gelli pull on tissue.  The thumbs up is an element I did for a card kit created for a friends birthday, she loves the thumbs up symbol.  Tag with a little doodling and the therm. from "Bits of Ivory".  Just a reminder to stay cool, hugs


Carole Beath said...

I love this effect with those colors and who doesn't love a thumbs up...! I laughed out loud at the cats barely breathing. Just yesterday Sweetie Pie, the porch cat, was laying belly up, legs sprawled in the air and my heart quickened. She was laying right up near the patio door so I opened the door to touch her belly and she popped up on her feet as if to say "treats? I gonna get a treat"?
She did, cuz it's hot, she's outside and Riley won't let her in.

1CardCreator said...

Great card and I love the thumbs up too! ~Diane

Kelly said...

Totally awesome Sandi. I Love the thumbs up and the background is beautiful!

DonnaMundinger said...

Yeah, we certainly had some hot ones! this cooled me right off. Love it! xxD