Friday, August 30, 2013

Three Fab Finds

I am sharing 3 new products to my studio and thought some of you might be interested.  First off are the Amplify Series of Scissors by Fiskars, I cut a lot of heavy duty materials, plastics, tin cans, canvas, chipboard, and these make mincemeat out of clam shell packaging (YEAH).  Some of these materials can be a real challenge and up until now my hands are achy for days sometimes after making the cuts.  These come in two lines a series for fabric and a series for mixted media, which is the one I purchased.  They are comfortable to use and cut as if slicing through butter.  They come in 6", 8" and 10", a little pricey but are carried by JoAnns and if you use a coupon it brings the price range in to reasonable.  I started off with the smaller of the sizes but may invest in one more pair at some point. These are in the sewing center and are all in together so if you are looking for the mixed media series be sure to read the packaging carefully. 2nd. Inka Gold Metallic Rub, love love love this, you just rub a small amount on your paper with a soft cloth and then buff it out, once it is buffed out it is not even necessary to spray with a fixative, I have experienced no lift off and it has a beautiful luster, great for edging the sides of your cards for holidays or other special occasions, but tons of other uses also. I found this product at Michaels in the area where the Tim Holtz inks and paints are, it comes in about 6 colors. 3rd. Adhesives have truly come a long way, they are the invisible power behind what I do and want them to work the way they say they will work (which sometimes is not always the case), I have been making some add-on jewelry/decorations for my TableTop Chalkboards, they are seasonal and/or event specific and can be changed out with the seasons, etc. I have been looking for a really good re-usable one, I saw these Scotch Tabs again at Michaels and decided to give them a try, they come 72 tabs to a package and they are FAB, they have a great hold and yet come off clean when you want them off, these will definitely be a staple on my table. So that is my share for today, hope you flow into the weekend nicely and have some fun stuff planned.  Hugs

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