Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Male Birthday Card

I needed a male birthday card for a friend this weekend, so decided to try to do one with what I had on hand.  All of my card stock except for a couple of pieces of black I had here from a project a did for my roommate is in storage, I had some old file folders so I cut them into 4X6 pieces and ran them through the printer, I cropped a scan I had of a previously created card and it started coming together. So maybe this tiny space will work and sustain the artist side of me.  We are very cloudy and gloomy today, hoping for some rain, we will see.  Happy weekend, hugs


Carole Beath said...

Great male card, Sandi. I have such problems doing a card for guy stuff. This one has wonderful colors.

DonnaMundinger said...

You're doing wonders with your limited supplies. Nothing can keep you down, hon. Love this! xxD