Monday, February 23, 2015

Back - Free and Healing

Wow, a little over 6 months gone, what can happen in 6 months?  Let me tell you - A Lot!  November 14th I filed for divorce, so I am 1/2 way into that process.  Ex fled to Texas, I packed up my studio, the house and all is now in storage.  I moved in with a neighbor next door and now have a delightful roommate, I am safe, warm and fed and so very blessed.  Friends and family have carried me through this and I give thanks every morning for all of them.  Physical and emotional scars are healing and I am finally walking through the door to the rest of my life.  Have no clue what awaits but I am ready to find out.
The one thing I have missed more than anything else has been my creative outlets, there have been almost none, a few camera shots here and there, my fingers itch for paint and ink, paper and images. My new space is very small, a few colored pencils, my camera, computer and printer are my tools for now.  A friend gave me some greeting cards received from a cause supported.  This weekend while looking at one, I thought of a picture I had taken of some tulips and started playing at altering one of the cards.  Took the picture to Photoshop and did some line drawing with my bamboo onto the photo and printed it, then took a scrap of yellow card stock I had and mounted the photo to the strip.  That went on top of the greeting card.  My storage unit is only a short distance from the house so I make frequent trips, lol, carting things back and forth as I need them.  Not a huge accomplishment "Rome was not built in day" but my heart soars and my muse yawns and stretches her creative vibrations and asks, "What took so long?"  Hope everyone exercises their muse this week, with joy, appreciation and beautiful color, Hugs, Sandi


DonnaMundinger said...

So happy to see you creating and posting. Carole filled me in a bit and it's nice to know things are going better for you now. Missed you! Wishing you all the best, Sweetie. xxD

1CardCreator said...

Welcome back my dear friend! Big, big hugs,~Diane

Bonnie said...

Dear Sandi, so glad to see and hear your warm heartfelt posts again. You have been missed. My heart breaks for you as I rejoice that you are ok and creating again. Sending warm hugs