Friday, January 15, 2016

Take a Paris Day

 Oh here we are at the end of the full second week in January, I have a lot to show for the two weeks but I am exhausted, lol.  So last night as I was musing through what I have done and what still needs to be done, I thought, okay, enough is enough, I need some breaks here.  This morning having partially forgotten my promises to incorporate some fun break times and going through the pictures from my friend that went to Europe last year, I came across a gorgeous Eiffel Tower shot, I wanted that tower, it took me well over three hours to finally master it into an element and then I paired it up with my new "love" word and my new hole re-inforcer, a stamp I created from a wine cork and inktense pencils.  The heart from another years labor.  I have vowed I will take a Paris Day twice a month, I will and beside that I am going to encourage some very hard working friends to do the same with this fun card.
this is the inside of the card with a little bit larger Eiffel Tower.  Have a great week end, hugs

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