Friday, October 1, 2010

236calorie Egg&Bacon Muffin

With my new routine of walking and the gym I find I am a little more conscious of what I eat, I mean to do all that work and then blow it on a hamburger seems rather sadistic to me, LOL.  On the other hand I am not going overboard either.  Tweaks here and there can yield great results.  Here is my newest breakfast treat.

English Muffin with Scrambled egg and bacon my way.   236 calories
   McDonald's Egg McMuffin 298.95
   Jimmy Dean Frozen 430 (yep, you read it right)

Here is the recipe:

1 large egg
1tblsp milk
1slice bacon(crumbled)
1 english muffin (100 calorie muffins)

1 microwave egg cooker
1 microwave bacon cooker (I use the one that cooks the bacon on the standing rack so that the bacon does                                        not cook in its own grease.)

Cook your bacon prior to fixing your sandwich, I keep crumbled slices in a container in the frig for salads and sandwiches.  In a mixing bowl crack your egg, add milk and beat gently, add bacon crumbles and pour into microwave cooker, cook for 45secs.  The more you beat the eggs the more it will puff up but will then let down when you remove from the microwave. Place on toasted English Muffin (a slice of cheese is optional and will add to the calorie count), I have found that the egg is so fluffy and moist the cheese is not needed.
Happy Friday, Hugs


1CardCreator said...

Yum, thanks for sharing the recipe. Bacon would not last that long in my house though, the boys would find it and devour it! Lol. ~Diane

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're making me feel so guilty! I won't even tell you what I had for breakfast this morning. So excited for your Imagine to be coming tomorrow! You're going to LOVE IT!

DonnaMundinger said...

You GO girl! xxD

Kelly said...

MUCH healthier for you than MickyDee's too. I don't look at calories as much as I do fat and sodium! Gosh, you've quit smoking, now eating healthy...what's next!