Sunday, May 27, 2012


Had to share, this is our outside cat, his name is Casanova because he loves women, we have a lot of walkers and joggers in our neighborhood and if a woman pauses just for a moment in front of the house he takes it as an invitation to be loved and to love.  I call him Beastie because he literally has fangs, he does not eat like the rest of our cats because of the fangs, he will grab a mouthful of cat food jump to the ground, spit them out and then eat one at a time, he also has the longest claws you have ever seen.  He loves hiddy holes and this is one of his favorites, he takes great pleasure in laying on his back and pawing the paper towels above, if he is able to get it going there are mangled paper towels all over the front porch but that only happens infrequently, you can actually see his last attack which happened after the wind assisted in his reach, lol.  Happy Sunday to you and all your cats, hugs


Loopylou. said...

he he he he!! he looks sooo cheeky sandi!! love the thought of him pawing out the paper towel!!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Reflective Art Studio said...

I am so with Lou... I just had to giggle.
xx Love to you.

ike said...

Oh he's gorgeous - what a handsome chap :-) I have one with 'fangs' too :-) Great photo of him :-) xxx

Sandy from Ukiah said...

He is adorable Sandi..

Kelly said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing.