Thursday, September 6, 2012

A challenge submission for Silhouette Plus Forum

Hi and Happy Thursday, this is for a design challenge at the Silhouette Plus Forum, I am doing it on my blog because my computer will not let me do a screen shot and because my computer is so touchy I cannot download any new progs from online that would assist. Some day there will be a brand new Mac sitting here and all my prayers will have been answered, lol. I probably should be careful, don't want the computer to think I am bad mouthing it, I did bad mouth my printer the other day and it is now in the junk heap, yep it died, toasted, it was a 3 in one and the scanner went out, hmmmm, I wonder why, maybe cause I will scan anything that doesn't move, and if it is slow I wouldn't be opposed to doing live scans, lol.  Okay on to the challenge.

For the challenge I designed an envelope seal.  I know it is no feat of porportion but since I played a little with the knife when I first installed the Silhouette and it was awful, or maybe it was that I was awful, anyway I have been a little leary of it ever since and decided to start small and work up.

 first set of steps taken, I chose the "fastner & photo corner" #20531 from the Silhouette Library.  Deleted the photo corner.  Then cut the fastener with knife and deleted the lower portion.

I then replicated and mirrored down the image and welded them.  After the weld was done I did some point editing on the lower lip.  I then filled the lips with pink and set it up as a print and cut.

I then cut them out and used Copic markers to give definition and more color.  And that is my project.  Have a great day and hugs


Sharon Caudle said...

Holy crap! You are soooo good with this stuff! Will you PUUHHHLEASE come teach me? LOL! LOOOOVE it, Sandi! Best of luck my friend!!
hugs, Sharon

Loopylou. said...

omgosh sandi you are so clever hun, I love how you got the lips shape!
huge hugs Lou xxx

krafting kelly said...

You're so clever, Sandi!