Monday, September 10, 2012

Designing and printing washi tape with your Cameo

Wow, two posts in one day.  It is busy and exciting around here this morning.  Last night as I was winding down I was looking at my butterfly washi tape and although I liked it, I felt it was sort of washed out and wondered how I could get it crisper.  Then I wondered if the Cameo with the pen holder would work, so I got up, fired up the computer and Cameo again and played, I am telling you, I love this Cameo, it just works and works and works, lol.  The washi tape on this card are the birds in a row, it is an image from the Silhouette Library, I replicated until I had enough to fill a 1" by 5.25" rectangle, then lined the washi tape on my mat and installed a Micron pen into the Chomas pen holder (fyi - this process is pretty rough on the micron pen, so I have designated one just for my pen holder).  After it printed my images I took it to my table and filled in with copics (black) and then airbrushed it with Copic "Tuscany Orange".  The moon was colored with Copic. The top background rectangle is a Silhouette pattern and all other images are also Silhouette.

This is the test I did last night, on this one I applied the copic color to the tape by hand for those of you that do not own the airbrush.  I then filled in the mat with the snowflakes (I was not interested in the alignment etc on this one, just wanted to see if it would work).  I created a 1"x11.5" rectangle (remember to turn off the cut lines on the rectangle but make sure the cut lines are on for the images), I have a grid on my cutting board so I turned my grid on for the Cameo and was able to place the washi tape in the exact area I needed it to print.  So if you are off to create washi tape, please, please share when you are done.  Happy Monday, hugs


DonnaMundinger said...

Cut it OUT!!!! You're doing it AGAIN! LOL Fabulous! xxD

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I have to agree with Donna.. you are FABULOUS.. hugs S

1CardCreator said...

Wow, that washi tape is awesome! Great card too. Looks like you are really loving that Cameo!