Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project has base colors and elements begin to make sense

 As I near the second week The Project begins to come together, the inside color is done and this was a doozy, the color was done with the Tim Holtz applicator and Distress Ink "Wild Honey", I love it, now, but I was not loving it earlier, the applicator drags on the paper, so you have to get a groove going, my shoulder thinks I have been trying to wretch it from my body, lol.  It is soooo soft and muted, the right side will be filled with 200 envelopes, so you will only see the color peeking around the edges and in between the envelopes.  The left inside will be blank with just the swirling color, and may be signed by overflow if needed.
 Here are the 200 envelopes all adhered together with the doves attached to the left upper corner, you can barley see them (sorry), but they are there.
The elements are starting to come together and make sense, I finally got the flying pages to look like they were actually flying with the "Rotate to Center" tool on the Silhouette, I was starting to sweat that portion of the design out.  I created the pages also with the Silhouette Design. I love it when it all starts coming together.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  Hugs


doodlingdebbie said...

Sandi, I just love seeing the step by step process you are sharing with us. It is coming along beautifully. You have such wonderful patience and persistence. It's such a kind and thoughtful thing you are doing. I'm anxious and excited to see the finished results of your hard work. xxx- Debbie

eiyiyi said...

What Debbie said!!!!! This is an amazing undertaking. Can't wait to see the next phase. hugs to you, dear friend. eileen

Tine said...

Sandi, it just called creativity!

Some days everything just seems to happen just right - and other days everything seems to leave you with a niggling feeling that it just isn't quite right - but you don't know what.

Lovin' the colours & keep up the good work!
Tine :)

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh this is so exciting to see it all coming together.. You are doing an amazing job Sandi...hugs

Kelly said...

Love the way everything is coming together on this project. You have worked so hard on this and it shows.