Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Polpei - A Christmas Story

If the Science channel would run "Through The Wormhole" all day, everyday, I would have it turned on and running in the background.  It is my favorite of favorites.  It spurs my imagination and creativity.  I am going to put the following short story on the back of the card.  The story played in my head as I was putting the card together.  The background is a gelli pull, fingerpainted print, I also played at being Mother Nature and created a snowflake, the baby bird and nest are from my growing stash of elements.  All coloring for the nest and bird are Copic Markers. All cuts were done with my Cameo.

Millions of light years away in a spiral galaxy, a small planet called Ayeterna, orbits a Blue Dwarf Star. Ayterna is inhabited by a Magical People.  They have been gifted with the secret of peace and harmony more years ago than are countable. As their story goes this bird is responsible.  He is called a Polpei and roughly translated into English means "Savior".  This amazing bird has feathers and a nest that is resistant to fire and heat. Ayeterna is a very cold planet, it has a rocky surface covered with snow and ice.  The population of Magic Ones live in caves of striking beauty and warmth all thanks to the Polpei. The Polpei lives for hundreds and hundreds of years and the Magic Ones care for and nurture the fledglings, it takes 25 to 30 years for a Polpei to mature. While the Magic Ones care and nuture the fledglings, the adult Polpei fly to their Blue Dwarf Star and collect snippets of the star and carry them back in their nests to the Magic Ones for their caves.  The Magic Ones create fire proof glass cylinders to house these snippets. These light the caves, grow the food, melt the snow for water and bring life where there would otherwise be none.  The only requirement is that the Magic Ones live in peace and harmony, if discord should break out, the adult Polpei refuse to fly on their missions of the daily light gathering. The Magic Ones had many seasons of darkness and famine before they realized the secret to life was working with and never against their gifts.

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