Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Give Thanks

Wow, Thanks Giving week and you know what follows that! LOL  How many times a day are you thankful? I mean actually say "thanks", not only to another person but to the Universe, to your creator?  It is one of my most used words, said with purpose and sincerity.  Sometimes I believe I am the most blessed person  that has ever been, and I so want the Universe to know how grateful I truly am to be here.  Here is a quote from Einstein that pretty much sums up how I feel. "The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives."  "Imagination is everything".
My little owl tag, I gave owl a hat for Thanksgiving and it just suits him fine.  All colors are Copic markers. The tag comes with a little tip from my studio, a small thanks to all of you who, visit here, comment and make my mornings with coffee bright and inspirational with your blogs and creations.  Happy Thanksgiving!

 Is that a tissue box?  It is, it is.  What is it doing on my table?  As the weather becomes cooler and wetter, I begin to retreat from outside and bring my spraying of color inside, I begin digging out my spray boxes from corners and crannies.  However, after cleaning out my storage unit all last week, my corners and crannies are crammed full and could not find my spray box this morning when I went to spray my tag, but there was a tissue box in garbage can, so I retrieved it, cut off the top but left the side and bottom flaps.  I put a piece of repositionable tape on the bottom so my airbrush would not blow it around and inside I use a repo-glue stick to hold the tag in place.
Perfect size for tags and/or word blocks.  So have a wonderful Thanksgiving, hope it is spent, sharing your warmth, food and thanks with those you love.  Hugs


1CardCreator said...

Too too cute! I love your imagination, you are always so creative and original. Happy Thanksgiving! ~Diane

mickeydee said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I am thankful for all of your inspiration and creativity. I thank my Heavenly Father for each meal and morning and night. I am so blessed......dianne

DonnaMundinger said...

EEEK! How cute is he? Love the "tangles", jaunty hat and winking eye. Great tip on the spray box. xxD